No Gordon and Rose visit, plus other recruit news…

Updates on a few basketball recruits…

Contrary to several Internet reports, Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose have not set up a joint visit to Bloomington this weekend, a source close to the Indiana program said.

While Indiana certainly hopes to lure Gordon, the top shooting guard in the class of 2007 according to, and Rose, the No. 2 point guard, to town at some point, nothing has been set up for this weekend.

Gordon, who committed to Illinois but appears to be considering the Hoosiers and new coach Kelvin Sampson, and Rose are reportedly friends and wouldn’t mind playing together.

Pike High School star Jeff Teague is planning on making his college choice at a 3 p.m. press conference Friday in Indianapolis. He’s got Indiana, Wake Forest, Boston College, Xavier and Southern Illinois on his list.

Phil Jones, a 6-10, 245-pound center originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., has decided to play for Charlotte this season.

In May, the Indianapolis Star reported that Jones, who spent the 2005-06 season playing at a prep school, intended to play for Indiana this season. Jones later refuted that report and said he had not spoken to the paper.

Charlotte visits Assembly Hall on Dec. 2.


  1. If the impossible were to happen, and Sampson were to land both Rose and Gordon, do you think that would give IU the best backcourt in the country?
    And how would Rose and Gordon match up, talentwise, with IU’s two other venerated backcourts- Isiah and Wittman and Buckner and Wilkerson?

  2. I’m curious how EJ appears to be considering the Hoosiers.

    He said on Monday, for the 80 millionth time, he’s solid with Illinois.

  3. What is the source or sources that has Gordon doing anything other than signing with the Illini? No Doubt,Sampson would love to have Rose and Gordon. Wanting them and getting them are no the same. Rose openly has Indiana as one of his Final Five. Where has this Gordon “visi”t or interest in Indiana coming from? Intenet BS? or something that actually has any substance to it?

  4. Why do you folks continue to perpetuate and recycle old rumors that have been repudiated over and over about Eric Gordon changing his mind and going to IU. I mean good gosh, it’s the little train chasing it’s own tail. PLEASE, can’t you give it a rest? At least cite some new information to substantiate your stuff.

  5. How many guards has Sampson put into the NBA? How many Illini guards have gone to the NBA in the last 2 years? So maybe Gordon sees more NBA opportunity at Illinois????

  6. Brian, Ira and Ron,

    Your position is based on believing the word of Eric Gordon, which is certainly a choice you can make.

    He has indeed stated over and over that he is still committed to Illinois.

    Which is simply the smart thing to do on his part. IF — and that’s a big IF, you’ll note — he is indeed listening to, or inviting as some have suggested, pitches from Sampson and Indiana it wouldn’t be a good move for him to go out and publicly say so. Admitting it would only anger Illinois coaches and fans (though they seem a big peeved already).

    There’s been significant smoke around the Indiana rumor, though, and sources close to the Indiana program say that at the very least he is listening.

    That’s where the situation stands now. Gordon is saying one thing but there’s evidence he is doing another. We won’t know the truth for a while since coaches can’t talk about recruits and the Gordon family has its valid reasons for hiding interest in Indiana, if it does indeed exist.

    The originally blog entry was meant to address a rumor circulating around the Internet that Gordon would visit Indiana this weekend. After investigating the rumor we have learned that no such visit is planned. We thought that information could stop some of the speculation — at least for now.

    Thanks for reading.

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