Hoeppner closes practice

Terry Hoeppner has closed practice all this week to reporters. Last season, Hoeppner had practices that were open to reporters on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, followed by player interviews at the end of practice. Hoeppner never closed practice for the week last season.

An IU media advisory announcing that practice will be closed this week gave no explanation for the change. The advisory said Hoeppner will still have his customary Tuesday afternoon press conference and players will be available for interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after practice.

One possible reason for Hoeppner closing practice is that he’s looking to grab players’ attention and get them focused on improvement after a first-game performance that wasn’t as good as he was expecting.

Another possible factor is that Hoeppner has sometimes been frustrated with the media lately. After a smooth first year at Indiana in working with the media, Hoeppner has been upset with several reporters this year since the start of training camp.


  1. The situations that I’m personally aware of include coach Hoeppner being unhappy at different times this preseason with two reporters from northern Indiana newspapers, a reporter from one of the major Web sites that covers IU sports and a reporter from a truly outstanding newspaper located between Bedford and Indianapolis.

  2. Whoops, I guess I should have been a little more specific. How about if I say between Bedford and Martinsville? Getting warmer?

  3. I like Hep, but he needs the media more than they need him. He might want to get over himself a little.

  4. Seeing the parking lot overlooking the practice fields blocked off with yellow “caution” tape yesterday made me wonder if the reason for closing practice this week is to make a change or two that Hoeppner doesn’t want anybody to know about before Saturday.

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