Hoeppner comes out of surgery well

Shortly before Indiana’s Wednesday afternoon football meetings, Indiana’s coaching staff got word that coach Terry Hoeppner’s surgery had gone well. After practice, interim coach Bill Lynch stood with Hoeppner’s son Drew and daughter Allison called to discuss the good news.

“They’re feeling excited is a pretty good way to put it,” Lynch said after practice. “Obviously, things went really well.”

The Hoosiers had a good practice Wednesday, according to Lynch. The mood at practice was like any other day, with players celebrating good plays and joking with each other. Lynch said Hoeppner set the tone for that with his comments to the team on Tuesday, and the players spirits were lifted by hearing a good report about Hoeppner Wednesday afternoon.

According to Athletic Director Rick Greenspan, Hoeppner is resting comfortably after surgery. A release from Greenspan gave no indication of whether doctors know today if Hoeppner has a recurrent brain tumor or merely found scar tissue where he had a brain tumor removed in December.

“We are eager to assist the Hoeppners in any way we can and look forward to having Terry back on the Indiana sidelines,” Greenspan said in the release.

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  1. Ask God to Heal the coach. People and friends all over the US pray for me and the prayers are answered. I had UF Shands Hospital care and I have been HEALED. I pray the coach will know the blessings.

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