Indiana vs. W. Michigan – Live report

Check back here during the game for live reports fromn Doug, Chris and Super-Intern Brandon Moore.

We’ll point out interesting statistics, trends, observations and any news we gather from up here in the press box.

End of game: IU is 1-0 (0-0) after defeating Western Michigan 39-20.

00:57 left in the game: 2-yard touchdown pass from Peregrin. IU leads 39-20.
2:00 left in the game: The Western Michigan Broncos are keeping the ball on the ground, helping run out the clock and end the game.

6:09 left in the game: Starr’s kickoff returned to the Western Michigan 17-yard line.

6:18 left in the game: Starr hit a 27-yard field goal to give Indiana a 39-13 lead.

7:40 left in the game: IU is driving inside the Western Michigan 20-yard line.

12:50 left in the game: WMU was forced to punt. Laney’s punt returned by Bennett to IU’s 31-yard line, but a holding penalty moved the Hoosiers back to the 21.

14:44 left in the game: Starr’s kickoff returned to the WMU 23-yard line.

14:54 left in the game: McFarland connected with running back Marcus Thigpen for a 30-yard touchdown pass. Extra point by Starr is good. Drive length six plays, 69 yards. IU leads WMU 36-13

Beginning of the 4th quarter: McFarland is still in at quarterback. The Hoosiers are in Bronco territory at the 30.

Key stats from the 3rd quarter: IU has outgained the Broncos by 12 yards passing and 14 yards rushing. The Hoosiers have one fewer turnover than the Broncos, and have 10 fewer penalty yards.

End of the 3rd quarter: The Hoosiers lead 29-13. IU quarterback Blake Powers appears to be okay after stretching out with trainers on the sideline.

2:27 left in the 3rd: Kickoff by Meyer returned to the IU 31-yard line. Graeme McFarland has taken over for Powers at quarterback.

2:50 left in the 3rd: Powers fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by WMU at the IU 17-yard line. On the next play, Broncos’ running back Mark Bonds went through three Indiana arm-tackles to score. Extra point by Meyer is good. Drive length for WMU, one play 17 yards. IU leads 29-13.

3:00 left in the 3rd: Laney’s punt goes 44 yards into the endzone for a touchback. IU will start out at their own 20-yard line.
5:24 left in the 3rd: Starr’s kickoff returned to the Western Michigan 35-yard line.

5:35 left in the 3rd: Starr kicked a 28-yard field goal to make it 29-6 Hoosiers.

10:09 left in the 3rd: The Broncos were forced to punt. Laney’s punt went out of bounds at the IU 38-yard line.
12:19 left in the 3rd: Starr’s kickoff returned to the WMU 32-yard line
12:26 left in the 3rd: Jim Laney’s punt was returned 86-yards for a touchdown by IU’s Tracy Porter after a reverse handoff from Lance Bennett. Extra point by Starr was blocked. IU leads WMU 26-6.
13:08 left in the 3rd: WMU quarterback Brian Cubit has been injured and replaced by Thomas Peregrin. The Broncos were forced to punt.

Beginning of the 3rd quarter: The Broncos opened the half at their own 27-yard line after making a fair-catch on the kickoff.

Halftime Observations: The Hoosiers have shown zero ability to run the ball, and the offensive line is not holding up very well.

The receivers have been as good as advertised, but Western Michigan is putting pressure on Powers with a three-man rush, allowing them to play with eight men in coverage.

The Broncos are behind because of turnovers and their inability to convert against IU’s redzone defense. This game is closer than the score indicates. IU has been bailed out by a couple of penalties, and Western Michigan has had to settle for field goals.

Key Statistics from the 1st half: Both teams have failed to accomplish much on the ground, combining for just 41 total rushing yards.

James Hardy has just one catch for 34 yards, so if the Hoosiers can get him more involved in the second half they should be able to extend this lead.

WMU running back Jamarko Simmons has seven catches for 99 yards and is the game’s leading receiver.
IU has turned the ball over once, while the Broncos have turned it over three times. That’s pretty much the difference.
Halftime: Indiana leads Western Michigan 20-6

2:26 left in the 2nd: Jahkeen Gilmore returned Meyer’s kick 14 yards. The Hoosiers begin the drive at their own 29-yard line.

2:36 left in the 2nd: WMU’s Nate Meyer connected on a 28-yard field goal. Drive length 8 plays 46 yards. IU leads WMU 20-6

6:39 left in the 2nd quarter: Starr’s kickoff was returned 44 yards by WMU’s Brandon West. WMU opens the drive at their own 44

6:51 left in the 2nd: IU running back Josiah Sears powered his way into the endzone for a 2-yard touchdown. The extra point by Starr was blocked. Drive length 2 plays 14 yards. IU leads WMU 20-3

7:24 left in the 2nd: IU safety Will Meyers intercepted a Cubit pass, returning it 37 yards to the WMU 14-yard line

9:22 left in 2nd: WMU safety Louis Delmas intercepted a Blake Powers pass. The Broncos will begin from their own 4-yard line.

9:51 left in 2nd: IU linebacker Geno Johnson recovered a fumble by WMU’s Cubit. The Hoosiers begin the drive at the WMU 33-yard line.

10:42 left in 2nd: Starr’s kickoff went out of bounds. The Broncos will start out at their own 35-yard line

10:47 left in 2nd: Hoosier cornerback Chris Phillips has intercepted a Ryan Cubit pass and returned it 66 yards for a touchdown. Extra point by Starr is good. IU leads 14-3

11:21 left in 2nd: IU has punted the ball. The kick by Beattie traveled 42 yards. The WMU Broncos take over at their 47-yard line.

12:12 left in 2nd: WMU has punted the ball 34 yards. The Hoosiers will start out at their own 6-yard line

14:45 left in the 2nd quarter: The Hoosiers punted on the first play of the 2nd quarter. Beattie’s 44-yard punt went through the endzone for a touchback. WMU begins the drive at the their own 20-yard line

Telling statistics from the 1st quarter: IU had just 11 yards on 6 rushing attempts. WMU average punt of 42.5 yards; IU average punt of 29.5 yards.

End of 1st quarter: IU leads WMU 7-3

1:05 left in 1st: WMU has punted, the Hoosiers take over at their own 34-yard line

4:28 left in 1st: IU has been forced to punt on its third drive. The punt by Beattie went 47 yards. The Broncos will start out at their own 14-yard line

6:41 left in 1st: WMU kicker Nate Meyer made a 28-yard field goal. Drive length 4 plays, 3 yards. Score IU leads 7-3

8:47 left in 1st: The Hoosiers went nowhere on their second drive and were forced to punt. Tyson Beattie’s punt went just 12-yards. The WMU Broncos are in the red zone.

9:59 left in 1st: Western Michigan has punted the ball on its first possession. Bronco punter Jim Laney pinned the Hoosiers down to the 2-yard line with the 44-yard punt.

11:31 left in 1st quarter: Blake Powers connected with Andrew Means for a ten-yard touchdown. Extra point by Austin Starr is good. Drive length 7 plays 73 yards. Score: IU leads 7-0

4 Minutes until kickoff: “The Walk” has been walked. The hot-air balloon has been inflated. The Rock has been touched. The teams have taken the field, and in a few minutes the 2006 season will be underway. Western Michigan has won the toss and chosen to defer. The Hoosiers will receive the opening kickoff.


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