Kenny Kendal on Hoeppner’s surgery

Super-intern Brandon Moore provides some comments from defensive end and team captain Kenny Kendal after Tuesday’s press conference.

Kenny Kendal:
“I’m not going to put it in the back of my mind. It’s motivation for
me. I’m excited, I’m fired up to play. I’m keeping it in front to use
it, to get excited about.”

(On hearing the news)“It was a bit of a shock. It came out of nowhere.
All of our thoughts and prayers are with him.”

(On how the team is responding)“We’re not gonna miss a step. We’re
practicing hard. Today we had one of our best Tuesday practices.”

(On Hep’s attitude) “He’s never down, he’s so upbeat. We gotta do it for
him this week. We’re gonna make him happy this weekend.”

“All of the coaches have been great.”

“I’m gonna pray for him tonight.”

“I’m just trying to lead by example. He’s gonna be watching, so we’re
gonna be fired up and ready to play.”


  1. In case it’s not obvious, Billie Moore is my mother. I guess that’s how you know you still haven’t made it as a sportswriter: when your mother is the only person to comment on your blog entry. Oh well, I still love you Mom. Thanks,

    Brandon aka Super-intern aka the Buck

  2. That’s OK — my editor responded on my blog. I had warned my mom NOT to embarrass me in cyberspace; I didn’t think to mention anything to my boss.

  3. Hi Brandon’s mom! The Buck is showing big-time potential in his freshman season at the H-T. He’ll be flying around this blog Saturday, showing the crowd he’s in the game.

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