Powers injury speculation….

Let’s recap the week in Indiana football, and try to figure out what it all meant.

Following last week’s season opening win, we’re told that Blake Powers, who missed most of the second half, had an x-ray that came up negative. We aren’t told what part of his body was x-rayed, but during the game Powers could be seen on the sideline having his legs worked on by trainers.

On Sunday, we find out that Hoeppner has close practice for the week, a first in his tenure as coach at Indiana.

Then at the Tuesday press conference, Hoeppner tells us that Powers was actually x-rayed at half time of the game, before he even missed a play. We still aren’t told what part of his body is injured.

Then, later that day, after reporters are met by yellow tape blockading practice, Powers tells Herald-Times Intern Brandon Moore that he had not had an x-ray.

So now we’re throroughly confused. We still aren’t sure exactly why Hoeppner chose to close practice. Indiana spokesman Pete Rhoda said it was “coach’s discretion.” We think it was “the Hoosiers have a few injuries to key players and are moving people around to try to compensate but don’t want anyone to know about it.”

We wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the reserve quarterbacks, specifically redhisrt freshman Kellen Lewis, get the start or significant playing time. If the Hoosiers are planning to use Lewis, who is a running threat, they probably tinkered with their offense considerably and are hoping to surprise Ball State.

Look for changes on the defensive line, too, where a couple of young players have been pushing for playing time and trying to find defined roles on the team.

We’ll have an update as soon as we reach the stadium in Muncie, which should be about 4 o’clcock.