1. Coach Hoeppner, in the very short time since I have seen this story reported and propagated on message boards I have also seen supportive messages written from rabid fans of all different teams. You are in our thoughs and by “we”, I mean everyone. Every last one of us–Hoosier fans, sports fans, non-sports fans, everyone. Get well soon.

  2. Coach Hep, you and your family are in my prayers. Look forward to seeing you back on the IU sidelines very soon. Get well soon.

  3. Coach Hep, Wanted to let you know that I remembered you i prayer today. Our church will continue to pray for you. We will look forward to having your back on the sidelines very soon. God bless you and your family. Pastor Don Hensley

  4. Coach Hep, Want you to know that you are in our prayers for your surgery and your quick and speedy comeback to the IU sidelines — defending THE ROCK!!!

  5. Coach Hep,

    Just wanted you to know that we are all thinking of you and your family during this time. I hope to see you all fired up on the sidelines again soon!

  6. Terry, We just heard about your surgery tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Best wishes for a fast and speedy recovery.

  7. Coach Terry:

    I enjoy your enthusiastic attitude and approach to your coaching endeavors and I know that you are taking these attributes into the surgery tomorrow. Wishing you the best for a very speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you on the sideline in the very near future.

    You have left (just temporarilythough) the sideline coaching in excellent hands with Coach Lynch. DG in Greensburg, IN


    Thank You! for everything you’ve been doing to put IU football
    back on the map. It truly was heartbreaking to learn that you
    were being tested yet again. Our prayers and warmest wishes
    for your full and speedy recovery and return to what you do
    best!! Mark and Kelly Smith in K.C.,MO

  9. Coach Hep,

    When all IU fans just asked for hope with our football team, you brought us more than we imagined. Now it’s time for us to return the favor. We collectively pray and wish for your speedy recovery and applaud your courage and strength through this tough time. Get well soon Coach!

  10. Dear Coach Hoeppner:

    On behalf of our church, the New Prospect Baptist Church, I want to wish Coach Hoeppner a full and complete recovery from today’s surgery. We will be in prayer for Coach Heppner in our Wednesday night Prayer meeting.

    Pastor James R. Moore

  11. Coach Hep,

    We wish you & your family the VERY best for a healthy & quick recovery. We so GREATLY appreciate having you part of our IU family. We are all so PROUD to have you as our football coach, and a wonderful member of the Bloomington community.

    We’ll be waiting for you to return to Memorial Stadium.


  12. Coach Hep, you have the prayers and support of tens of thousands of people, myself included. We can’t wait to see you back on the sidelines!

  13. Best Wishes—it’s great you’re going
    for full recovery and not settling for a
    field goal.

  14. Coach Hep,
    So happy to hear your operation was successful-we knew it would be! We’ve put you, your family, the surgeons, etc…. all in our prayers. Can’t wait to see you once again head to The Rock and to another victory, in game and in health! GO HEP! We Hoosiers love ya!

    God Bless-Your Fans,
    Daryle, Michelle & Caitlyn Cofield

  15. Coach Hep,

    We were so fortunate to share lunch with you at Nicks last year. We felt your sincerity and enthusiasm for IU football and “caught it” as so many did. We will be there again this year cheering you and the team on! We appreciate you for so many reasons.

    Helen & Gary

  16. I know I speak for my whole IU family. (I have 2 grandchildren attending now; two more ready for next year; a son-in-law and daughter alumnae, lots of neices and nephews. For the first time in many years I have purchased a football season ticket; mainly based on your enthusiasm, your skills as a coach, and your understanding of how important it is for the team to be backed by it’s alums and student body. Take care Hep, we need you.

  17. Coach Hep ,As a lifelong Hoosier fan, now living in AZ. I wish you a speedy recovery!! When you were hired , my friends that new you said you were a good coach, but a great man. We need you back!! GOOD LUCK

  18. My husband was a twenty year employee of IU before is job was recently eliminated. Our 24 year old daughter has been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor for the past three years. They did operate to remove what the could which has left her unable to see. She now attends a school for the blind in Indianapolis. Good Luck Coach and I hope IU treats you better than they have treated us.

  19. Hello Coach. Hang in there and keep thinking postive. Get well soon. We need you on the sidelines. Best of luck to you and your family. A diehard Hoosier Fan. GO HOOSIERS.

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