Indiana v. Butler live updates

Dickie V got his wish and the Butler Bulldogs pulled away with the victory tonight, 60-55.

Quick hits:

– After the press conference, Sampson was walking the hallways of Conseco Fieldhouse muttering to himself about free throws.

– Was it me or was it painfully obvious AJ Graves was going to hit that shot? I’d put all five guys on him, he was the only one who shot all night.

– The players stressed after the game that they had to cut back on turnovers and couldn’t get as many fouls called.

– Errek Suhr was the only player NOT to turn the ball over.

– This is the first time the Hoosiers have lost in the regional round of the NIT tournament.


I can’t hear his telecast, but I’ve got a feeling Dickie V just screamed something about “upset city, baby!” The Hoosiers are up by three, 49-46, with a little over five minutes to play.
Ladies and gentleman, with 14:21 left in the second half A.J. Ratliff is back from hibernation. After taking the first half off, Ratliff made his first basket during IU’s current run which has them leading by 10…45-35.

Other random note: Technical foul on Butler’s bench. Did one of you take me up my on my sports coat observation? If so, please stop screaming profanity at the referees, there are young ball kids everywhere.

D.J. White has a couple of buckets in a row. IU 36-32 with 14:50 left. Crowd announced at 9594.
Errek Suhr comes in with 1:40 left in the half to big applause from the crowd. He takes a charge right away and the crowd is really fired up. On offense he runs down a loose ball that turns into a Wilmont 3. Why doesn’t this guy play more? IU ahead 26-23 at half.
By my count, Butler has exactly 24 people in their time-out huddle. Those 24 basketball-minds have managed to generate 19 points with 2:59 left in the firat half. Also, if you are currently at Conseco Fieldhouse and are wearing a sports coat, you can sit on Butler’s bench.

Sorry, nodded off between foul calls. Here’s an update, 14-13 Indiana. Amazing stat of the night, it took 12 minutes before the Hoosiers got up their first 3-point attempt. When’s the last time that happened? Other amazing stat – Butler is 2-14 from the field, 14.3 percent, and trails by just 1 with 7:51 left in the half.
Indiana is shooting almost 60 percent again, but making way too many turnovers. The Hoosiers have 10 points and nine turnovers, and a 10-9 lead on the scoreboard with 10 minutes left in the half.
Former Indiana Pacer bust Jonathan Bender may have retired last season, but he is playing tonight in Conseco Fieldhouse. He just checked in the game wearing Joey Shaw’s uniform — believe it. These two players likeness is uncanny. Everyone from their mannerisms to the jumpshots. Cloning had been illegal in America until someone worked medical magic on these two.

(PS. In typical Bender fashion, Joey Shaw just picked up his first foul, seconds after entering the game.)

We’re to the first timeout and its 5-4 Butler. Just two more points than fouls (7) 4:20 into the game.
Cult-legend “Jared from Subway” is sitting front row for tonight’s contest. As everyone knows, Jared is a former Bloomington resident and is often seen at Indiana sporting events. What everyone doesn’t know is that Jared just mistook Lafayette’s Matt Betley for a 6-inch Onion Chicken Teriyaki and ate him. More details later.

Tonight’s starting lineup: Stemler, D.J. White, Calloway, Wilmont, Ratliff
After a late night last night – got back to Bloomington after the Lafayette game at about 1:30 a.m. – it’s been a busy day. A new football recruit. A new basketball recruit. Terry Hoeppner’s weekly press conference. But we’re back at Conseco Fieldhouse tonight and the Hoosiers are warming up for what I expect to be an interesting game against Butler.

Chris Korman has the night off tonight, so Matt Dollinger will be helping me with the updates and commentary. It’s just under a half an hour to tip-off. The Hoosiers have been warming up on the court, but went back to their locker room a couple of minutes ago. Right now, it looks like it will be another half-full or so crowd here.


  1. What the hell just happened? At least in the Big Ten we know that NONE of those fouls will get called….ultimately we lost the game…but that officiating was the worst I have ever seen. It is a shame that guys wearing stripes and blowing whistles can have an impact on the outcome of games.

  2. So are you telling me that Joey Shaw’s knees will explode multiple times in the next couple years? If so we are in trouble. I still wish the Pacers kept Antonio Davis that year. Tough loss…doesn’t it seem like the AJ Grave type players always haunt IU (Menser comes to mind).

  3. The thing about Graves shot is that we knew that was the shot Butler was going to take. You take a long-heave 3 at the end of the shot clock and one of two things happen–you hit it, game over, or you miss it and you’ve taken the maximum amount of time off the clock plus with a long shot like that it is more likely to give you a long rebound opportunity (and take more time off the clock).

    I would be interested in digging up how many fewer free throws we shot than our opponents over both nights. It looks like the disparity was, what, ten free throws last night? How many more did Lafayette have?

  4. I wouldn’t give up the ship, but it’s painfully obvious that more discipline is needed. It’s early, but I can see some real problems.
    Learning your role, make it PRIORITY NUMBER ONE Hoosiers.

  5. I was at the Indiana/Butler game. I must admit Butler is a very good basketball team. Indiana on the other hand disappointed me. But I’m sure they will bounce back.

    I was also disappointed in the Butler Band. They stood up all night in the way of myself and many others in the crowd. They have chairs, but they folded them up and put them to the side. If any Butler fans or students read this please tell your band to sit down when they are not playing music. The IU band on the other hand was very well disciplined. I would never mind having to sit behind them.

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