1. From Columbus, Ohio on November 5:

    #1 Indiana vs. #2 Ohio State…Big Ten Championship

    Indiana lineup same as Thursday’s…Brad Ring, Brian Ackley, and Greg Stevning all starting….

    Eric Alexander and Kevin Alston will start the game on the bench.

  2. 36 minutes left in half:

    Xavier Balc is sending rockets toward IU goal from deep, one from nearly midfield.

    IU goalie Chay Cain has work cut out for him if one of those is on target.

    35 minute: Greg Stevning down and out after collision. Julian Dieterle is in

  3. IU’s Ofori Sarkodie and OSU’s Taylor Korpieski were tangled up in what looked like a shoving match, but it was broken up before it escalated. No cards issued.

  4. 7:24 in first:

    Indiana’s Josh Tudela lines up for second free kick after foul, this one from beyond top of 18.

    !!!! 6:45 !!!!! Indiana up 1-0…Brian Ackley header off Tudela’s shot that rebounded off top bar


    1-0 IU

    Coach Mike Freitag is using a deep bench.

    Eric Alexander, Lee Hagedorn, and Kevin Alston all saw minutes in the first half besides Dieterle’s substitution for Stevning.

    Stevning will not be back for the rest of the game with a head injury.

    Ohio State 9 shots to IU’s 7…Chay Cain 3 saves for Hoosiers

  6. Physical contact continues as OSU forward Ryan Kustos draws a yellow card.

    Indiana defender Charley Traylor down on collision and out, helped off field.

  7. 25:11

    Yellow on Brad Ring while OSU is attacking hard…

    Buckeye free kick set piece, Balc shot but off Kevin Robson in line

  8. Alston hasn’t played on the backline since August, if I remember correctly.

    This is a real test for the Hoosiers. When their defense was so poor early in the season, they fixed it by working on improved communication. Now, the three guys who finally got in synch with each other aren’t back there together.

  9. 11:30

    Darren Yaegle streaking to goal BUT OSU’s defender Dustin Kirby slide tacle to cut off shot on left side of goal

    Still 1-0 IU

  10. OSU back to back corner kicks at around 6 minute mark

    Buckeye Ryan Kustos had great opportunity on fast break but IU goalie Chay Cain came out to meet him, slid, and got hand on ball to deflect to the side

  11. Game Over

    IU 1-0

    Freitag’s first Big Ten Championship crown as coach…

    Team’s first since 2003

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