It’s official – Rose picks Memphis

As expected, Chicago point guard Derrick Rose announced Saturday night that he will play college basketball at Memphis, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rose announced his decision at a press conference in Chicago. He is’s No. 3 player in the class of 2007. He chose Memphis over Indiana and Illinois.


  1. Ouch! I would have liked to have seen Rose in the Orange and Blue. However, being a 5-star recruit is no guarantee of success. I recall a couple of other can’t miss superstars from the Public League, Jamie Brandon and Ronnie Fields, that went on to… well bag groceries at Jewel. I also remember Lou landing the number 1 player in the country… remember Marcus Liberty, the greatest high school player since Magic Johnson? Weber has been extremely successful at both stops with players that can be coached… not necessarily the blue-chippers. If Weber sticks with kids that will stay in the program for 3 or 4 years, he will continue to be top 3 team in the conference for years to come. As Dan Bernstein reported on WSCR670thescore last week, to land the top recruits you have to have to be willing to roll in the mud with the other slime (i.e. Sampson). Although frustrating that UI can’t get the reported top players, I’m glad that Coach Weber is a person of high moral and ethical values. On with the season!!!

  2. it is awesome to see that even illinois fans have had enough of their team and they hang out on Indiana sites.

  3. Other “can’t miss” prospects… Damon Bailey, Bracey Wright, etc…

    To be honest, I’m not even an Illini fan. I’m a Sooner fan that is glad that Sampson is gone! Unfortunately, we will have to pay for his mess for years to come. Be careful…

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