IU-Michigan Football Live Updates

Game Over: IU fell to Michigan 34-3

9:02 4th: The Wolverines are running out the clock here, and for the most part the only fans left are wearing maize and blue. IU did not show up today, failing to put together much of an offensive attack and getting absolutely manhandled by Michigan on defense.

End of the 3rd: IU trails 34-3. All that remains is for the clock to run out.

5:37 3rd: Jerome Jackson scored on a run from one yard out and the Wolverines lead the Hoosiers 34-3. IU is getting destroyed out there, the crowd is thinning, and Michigan is on cruise control.

12:10 3rd: IU had the ball to open the half, but the Hoosiers were stalled by a penalty and had to punt. UM’s Steve Breaston returned the punt 83 yards for a touchdown and the Wolverines lead 28-3. IU should have picked a better play to run on third and one, but they didn’t, and now they’re down big to a Michigan team that could easily run out the rest of the clock with Mike Hart.

Halftime: IU trails Michigan 21-3. The Hoosiers have had trouble stopping Mike Hart and the play-action pass, but they’re within three scores of the Wolverines. The offense finally got going near the end of the half, but a turnover ended the Hoosiers’ chances of getting into the endzone before halftime. IU has 83 yards of total offense (33 rushing, 50 passing) while Michigan has 246 yards (105 rushing, 141 passing).

UM’s Mike Hart has 89 yards on 18 carries so far, while IU’s Kellen Lewis is 8-for-20 passing for 50 yards. Majors’ interception helped keep the Wolverines out of the endzone, but then Trent’s INT for UM kept the Hoosiers out on the next drive. IU will need to open up the offense and tighten up the defense to stay in this game.

1:00 2nd: The Hoosiers were at the Michigan 16-yard line with a chance to cut into the lead, but Kellen Lewis misread Hardy’s route and overthrew him. The ball was intercepted by UM’s Morgan Trent. The Hoosiers had something going there, but the turnover killed the drive.

3:10 2nd: UM was driving inside IU territory when Leslie Majors jumped a Chad Henne pass, picked it off and ran it to the 30-yard line. IU has the ball trailing 21-3.

10:23 2nd: Henne just hit Breaston on a deep streak up the right side of the field for a 62-yard touchdown. UM leads 21-3. Meyers didn’t get over to pick up his deep responsibility in what looked like a cover 2 scheme. This one is getting away from the Hoosiers.

11:36 2nd: Starr nailed a 39-yard field goal to make it UM 14, IU 3. The Hoosiers made a few decent plays on the drive, but they’ll need to get up field more to stay in contention.

12:30 2nd: The Hoosiers went for it on fourth and two from the Michigan 31. Lewis hit Hardy on a hitch to the right, and they got the first down. They’re in position to cut into Michigan’s lead. We’ll see if they can make anything happen here.

End of the 1st: IU trails 14-0, but the Hoosiers are making some progress on their current drive. They will face a third and one when play resumes, and they’re just a yard away from reaching Michigan territory for the first time today. IU has 13 total yards to UM’s 134.
3:18 1st: The Hoosiers went three-and-out again, this time mixing in a running play for negative yardage. The Hoosiers have -9 yards of total offense to Michigan’s 128. This one could get out of hand soon. UM leads, 14-0.

4:30 1st: The Wolverines have scored again, this time on a 4-yard run by Mike Hart to cap off an 11 play, 62 yard drive. The Hoosiers are missing tackles, but more than that they simply can’t compete with a physically superior Wolverine squad. Michigan leads 14-0.

9:06 1st: The Hoosiers were totally shut down on their first possession. A poorly thrown fade to Gilmore, a screen pass with no receiver, and a sack. That’s an ugly three-and-out.

10:22 1st: Henne found Arrington on the fade route and Tracy Porter never saw it coming. UM leads 7-0. Drive 10 plays, 4:38. The Hoosiers couldn’t stop Hart on running plays, and the Wolverines threw the ball into the endzone on first down, even though they probably could have ran it in. IU trails early.

IU Alum Dick Enberg joined Kenny Kendal, Lance Bennett, Will Meyers, and Justin Frye for the coin toss. The Hoosiers won the toss and deferred to the second half. Michigan will get the ball to start the game.

We’re here at the Rock on a cold, windy Saturday afternoon, waiting to see which IU team will show up: the one that beat a ranked Iowa team, or the one that got destroyed by a below average Minnesota team.

The Hoosiers would clinch bowl eligibility with a win over No. 2 Michigan, but the odds are strongly against it. Still, the Wolverines only beat Ball State by eight points, so it’s fair to say IU has a chance.

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  1. We are going to be in a for a long day against Purdue’s passing attack. What happened to our pass defense from last year to this year? We actually were decent against the pass last year…and now we can’t stop anyone. I think that fixing schemes didn’t work out very well for Hep!

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