IU 90, Chicago State 69 — Live Updates

(Indiana 90, Chi. St 69) [Final]
Ahlfeld just pulled down a rebound. He’s like Chamberlain out there.

Suhr brought the ball down and then Kyle Taber scored. I’m ducking for cover just in case the Apocalypse comes.

Indiana took care of business today. Their new starting line-up performed well and the Hoosiers were able to put 40 minutes together.

(Indiana 86, Chi. St 67) [1:00]
Checking into the game, ladies and gentleman, Kyler Taber and Adam Ahlfeld!

Section “M” started the Ahlfeld chant and literally seconds later they began to make their way to the scorer’s table.
(Indiana 84, Chi. St 64) [1:41]
It doesn’t neccesarily have to be Ahlfeld, but Sampson should seriously consider implementing a “human victory cigar” a la Darko Milcic. Just someone to signal to the fans that the game is over. It used to be Suhr, but now he plays meaningful minutes.

Kyle Taber would be perfect, except for the fact that he is 6-foot-7. The “human victory cigar” role tends to be someone vertically challenged.
(Indiana 82, Chi. St 59) [3:46]
With the game’s outcome set in stone, the Assembly Hall crowd has started to make their way for the exits.

But for those who are trying to beat the traffic (wait, Bloomington doesn’t have any), they are going to miss extended time for Errek “pepperpot” Suhr.

That and maybe an Adam Ahlfeld sighting. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.
(Indiana 75, Chi. St 47) [7:17]
When it rains, it pours.

Lance Stemler is doing his best Brian Evans impression and continues to drain threes from all over the court. Stemler has 15 points for the game, but more importantly, looks like a consistent deep threat Indiana will be able to utilize all season.

(Indiana 62, Chi. St 37) [12:00]
Freshman Xavier Keeling is checking back into the game after an impressive first half. He only scored 4 points, but he played the “bruiser” role which IU has lacked the past several years.

His game reminds of NBA journeyman Darvin Ham. He isn’t neccearily a great at anything paticular, but his effort, athletcism and basketball intelligence outweigh his cons.

This is only minutes into his IU career, so I could be jumping the gun, but he’s looked good so far. Kelvin Sampson must think so as well, since he is playing Keeling instead of redshirting him.
(Indiana 57, Chi. St 33) [15:49]
Unlike Friday’s game against Indiana State, the Hoosiers are playing exactly like they did in the first half.

The IU band is playing Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” right now. Somewhere, Chamillionaire is hiding his face in his hands.
(Indiana 46, Chi. St 24) [Halftime]
I know they already have two, but if Chicago State is looking for 5-foot-9 guards who aren’t afraid to throw up bad jumpshots, I happen to know a guy that would be perfect for them. He is a sophomore. Follows basketball pretty heavily. And is currently blogging for the Hoosier Scoop. I’ve said too much.
(Indiana 39, Chi. St 24) [2:29]
D.J. White just scored on a breakaway lay-up which he banked off the glass despite falling to the ground in the process.

After taking somewhat of a nasty fall earlier in the game, White appears to be fine afteto be a sprained ankle. Of course, White has had several injuries in the past when it comes to his feet, so this is something to keep an eye on.
(Indiana 30, Chi. St 17) [6:15]
Saying Chicago State’s head coach Kevin Jones is intense would be an understatement.

Just a second ago he was screaming at his players while they were back on defense and I was convinced Jones was going to try and steal the ball from Bassett. He’s got both feet on the court, clapping, and screaming — I’m half expecting him to pull a Duke and slap the floor.
(Indiana 21, Chi. St 12) [11:48]
I don’t want to harp on this — but I will. I can’t help but think Rod Wilmont has got to feel slighted by the benching. I remember before the season Rod was going to Australia for the Big Ten Foreign Tour and it seemed like it was the consensus between the media, Rod and Sampson that day that No. 10 was arguably the leader of this team.

After being in only two minutes, Sampson made a sub to put Shaw back in the game and replace Ratliff. But Wilmont walked towards the bench as if he was being subbed out. Seems like Rod feels like he is on a tight leash.
(Indiana 15, Chi. St 6) [15:30]
Best start of the season for the Hoosiers. Sampson is looking pretty smart right off the bat — Shaw and Bassett scored the first two baskets of the game. Stemler came out and hit a three and A.J. Ratliff is currently in one of his “aggressive streaks.”

I wonder how Rod and Earl feel coming off the bench to freshmen. It’ll be interesting to hear if the two seniors violated a team rule or of Sampson just felt the need to make an adjustment.

Kelvin Sampson is shaking things up today.

Starting in place of seniors Earl Calloway and Rod Wilmont are freshmen Joey Shaw and Armon Bassett.

Ever since the season started, Kelvin Sampson has been raving about Armon Bassett and insiting that kid is going to be a great player. He’s probably mentioned Armon by name in every post-game press conference so far this season.

As for Joey Shaw, maybe he’s going on a hunch. You’ve got me.
A minute before tip-off this afternoon for IU/Chi. State.

If you’re watching the game you’ll notice Chicago State features an extremely small line-up. Including two players well under the 6-foot mark. In fact, the Cougars tallest players are either wearing street clothes or wearing suits. We could be seeing Errek Suhr playing some 4 today.


  1. Basketball is a funny game. Even when you are killing the other team, there are times when they make a great pass, pull down an offensive rebound, or hit a well guarded shot. So Chicago State did this and when they did all I could think was, “gee how did we let that happen?” But overall that was a good pre-season performance by the Hoosiers.

  2. You forgot to mention that with approximately 4 minutes left in the game, you spotted the infamous Joe Hoke exiting the game via the northeast entrance. Haha.

    Take it easy Dollinger

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