Kelvin Sampson Radio Show – Nov. 27

(7:55) Final segment. Hey, they’re talking about the basketball team right now! Some notes:

– “I think we’ve got better this week in practice. We’ve helped redefine some roles. Worked on man to man. Being a smarter defensive team and thinking the game better on defense.

– Worked on “getting more organized on offense.” Also spending a lot of time “together as a team. That’s the great thing about being here for holidays.” The team practiced twice some days and started getting ready for Duke last weekend.

– “We played five games in nine days…we didn’t really have a chance to work on us until after the Chicago State game.”

– (On redefined roles) “We have some kids who don’t handle pressure well. I can tell how talented you are, but I can’t tell how good you are. Good players think the game well. Basketball is a game of decision making and judgments.”

– Sampson just went Billy Crystal on us saying getting better is a “process.” He said improvement is not a final term, it has to continue throughout the year. “No matter what happens against Duke, I want to be a little bit better against Charlotte.”

– (On Duke) “There is something special about every Duke team…Every kid is a McDonald’s all-american practically. They have three kids that will be around a first-round draft pick…No one puts there teams better than Mike K.”
(7:49) Sampson just told a story about when he was at Washington State and they played IU when they were coached by some guy named Bobby Knight. Sampson was stressing the point that he “coached his team” and not against a building or anyone else. He said his team “played them tough, but wasn’t good enough to beat them.”

(7:35) Sampson just said that former Michigan State Spartan player Terry Donnelly is a 3 handicap. No word yet if Earl Calloway or Armon Bassett will start tommorow night.

(7:30) Fischer just asked about what Sampson did after college. Sampson just explained he thought he wanted to be a high school coach when he graduated. I don’t mean to distract anyone from the story, but IU will be playing Duke in 24 hours and it will be IU’s first trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium in program history. Don’t want anyone to not be able to hear about Sampson’s high school playing days, but I wonder if Rod Wilmont will be coming off the bench, or what Ben Allen’s role is, or if DJ is healthy. Just saying.
(7:25) Sampson on his college days: “I had a great experience in college. My passion was always basketball, but I was probably a little better at baseball…I was not great at anything, but I enjoyed being part of a team and learning to share. Understanding theres something bigger than we are…I was probably more like an Errek Suhr, that’s why I like him so much, because I can relate to him more than D.J. D.J. is the guy I always tried the pass the ball to.”

Sampson also mentioned he’ll be having a reunion with several people that live in the Duke area.

On a side note, Don Fischer keeps chiming in and laughing like he is Paul Shaffer on the Letterman show.
(7:18) Sampson just noted the hardest part about coaching is motivating players and being able to “manage” people.

He also mentioned the main thing he is trying to teach the Hoosiers: “The thing I’m trying to teach these kids is…losing is never final and neither is winning. It’s the learning part of it and how to get smarter, how to keep from having that same mistake happening again.”

(7:14) Kelvin Sampson just said that his father had an “uncanny ability to get the most out of talent.” He talked about his father at-length and about his coaching abilities and how he compares to him.

(7:11) Don Fischer just said that tonight’s broadcast is not the normal call-in show live from Yogis, rather a conversation between Sampson and Fischer only. Apparently, it should shine some light onto the mystery that is Kelvin Sampson? Since the Hoosiers are most likely in Durham already, I do suppose it would make it difficult for Sampson to broadcast live from Yogis. Should be interesting to listen to what Fischer and Sampson have prepared for us tonight.

(6:48) It’s the night before the IU/Duke game, so we thought we’d blog some of the highlights from Kelvin Sampson’s weekly radio show tonight. These radio shows are very informative to listen to this year due to the limited media access to Sampson and his team. Radio show starts at 7 on 105.1 (the country station, ugh).


  1. Is the coach’s radio show podcast anywhere? I looked on the radio station’s website and couldn’t find a “listen now” link (I might’ve missed it) and as a Hoosier-in-Exile, it’d be nice to hear some of what Sampson has to say. Thanks for the transcripts, though. Something’s better than nothing.

  2. I couldn’t find one either SK, though I looked and was hoping for the same. Normally, I would have tried to transcribe more…but he was going off on some tangents that I didn’t think would interest everyone too much.

  3. Please send me a list of local radio stations that carry the Monday night Coach Sampson radio call in show. Thanks.

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