Northern Illinois vs. Indiana, Live Updates….

About 15 minutes into the second half, Indiana still leads 1-0. Northern Illinois has had the better chances in the second half, though, and is battling hard in the box. Twice Indiana players have been knocked down for extended periods. The Hoosiers have to try to attack more to release pressure on the back end. 


Chay Cain just saved a penalty kick to keep the Hoosiers ahead. Marcus McCarty shot the ball low and toward the center of the net, expected Cain to vacate the area. He did so by diving to his left but was able to get a foot on the kick and knock it away. 


25:55 left, first half: Indiana 1, Northern Illinois O 

On a beautiful bit of playmaking, John Mellencamp just fed Brian Ackley for a goal. The Hoosiers worked the ball in low, and finall fed it to Ackley who merely had to tip it into the net from a bout five yards out.


The rain is blowing in waves across the field. It’s truly miserable. The game is basically made up of long passes and lots of hoping for good bounces.  


They’re playing some version of soccer here at Armstrong Stadium tonight.

It’s so wet that the ball is barely rolling on the field, and I’m sure it’s getting wet and is hard to control for these players.

Also, there are about 100 people here watching. Not exactly the type of environment you want for a NCAA tournament game.