Ludlow plays, weighs in on Hoosiers

You may have noticed a familiar face in the University of Indianapolis’s starting line-up Friday night.

It was the only guy on the Greyhounds who could touch the rim: starting junior center Reed Ludlow.

Ludlow is a Bloomington native and previously moonlighted at center for the Bloomington North Cougars until he graduated in 2004

This past summer, Ludlow and fellow former Cougar Dijbril Kante competed in open gym with the Hoosiers and conditioned with the team. Ludlow faced his former open gym opponents Friday night when returned home to play IU at Assembly Hall.

“I was really psyched to come back and my adrenaline was pumping,” Ludlow said. “As soon as I got on the floor I didn’t have my touch. I scored early, got a rebound, then a minute and a half in I sprained my ankle.”

Ludlow played through the sprain and finished with 19 minutes against the Hoosiers, with his only score coming in the first minute of the game. But those minutes were plenty opportunity for Ludlow to be able to evaluate some of IU’s newest players.

“Lance Stemler, who wasn’t that good in open gym, had a great game and is going to be great player here. He is a really good shooter and fits in with the system,” he said.

Ludlow said there was a clear difference between this year’s team with Kelvin Sampson and last year’s team coached by Mike Davis.

“Just how hard they play,” Ludlow said of the difference. “They are so much more into the game. They really get after you on defense.”

The defense Ludlow is referring to forced 31 turnovers Friday night and out rebounded the vertically-challenged Greyhounds 29-21.

After the game while limping through the hallways of Assembly Hall with ice wrapped around his ankle, Ludlow said he was looking forward to play his next game away from his hometown stadium.

“We’re ready to get back to our competition,” Ludlow said with a smile. “I don’t know how well we match up with Big Ten teams.”