Rose will attend . . . .

On the eve of the Derrick Rose announcement, I thought I’d update you on what we’ve heard about the young pass-dishing, lane-driving lad out of Chicago.

All signs continue to point solidly at Memphis. In fact, I’ll get crazy and say I’m 99.999998 percent sure that’s where he’ll go. No one has leaked that information yet but indications are that Rose has favored the Tigers all along.


  1. Yeah Come to think of it how come he is having a $15 a plate dinner … and that takes some reservations and planning; at least more than the two weeks since his visitation to Illinois… I think the Illini will find someway to smear Sampson on this one as well…

  2. You are right cheyennemtnman! If EJ would have had the stones to come clean earlier on his desire to go to Indiana (rather than stab Illinois in the back with his late announcement), Illinois could have made a better run at Rose…

  3. Yeah Ncaa, we stuck it to the Illini. and all i hope is we get the chance to stick it to you again. and we will because you are a 2nd rate program with a 2nd rate coach. sooooo, bend over.

  4. DR decided against Illinois long ago, this last bit was a little PR for the state of Illinois. The bottom line is he doesnt like your friggin orange uniforms ! Are you wondering if your coach can recruit big time or not ?

  5. You bums haven’t done squat for years and are living off the past. Illinois doesn’t have to try to smear Sampson’s name…it’s already smeared. Let’s see if your program EVER gets back to where Bobby Knight took it because Mike Davis buried it. Good luck ’cause even with Gordon the Loosiers are old news living on memories.

  6. My Indiana Hoosiers should not need to twist a kid’s arm to get him to come to IU basketball. The new coach is an embarrassment to our school, with its rich bball history, and Gordan showed his lack of character. I love his skills, but he handled the whole thing like a scumbag.

  7. Shut up Hoosier Realist, you’re not a real Hoosier fan. You’re an Illinois fan in disguise you aren’t fooling anyone.

  8. As much as I loved to see the bangtor from Illinois fans, when Self chose KU to build his career – I oppose his recruiting techniques. In today’s modern age of recruiting warfare – what’s more important? A coach that can recruit – lacking X’s and O’s or one that can coach – yet not recruit.

    Bottom line – Recruiting is everything – yet handling it like Sampson historically has dwarfs Self’s selfless ways. He’s a cheat and crook and we (in the Big 12) are happy he is gone. Bring back Knight!

  9. D.Rose has a ton of skills and will be missed if he doesn’t go to Illinois, which it appears he will not. Sampson is a scum bag, but the fault was on Gordon for his holding back the truth. It seems you guys always get the big recruits, remember Bracie Wright, there was another player on that team the second best of the 2 Derron Williams. I dont have a hatred for IU Basketball, I just Love Illinois Hoops, should be a good intense battle this year.

  10. When Indiana becomes relevant again, then this is a discussion. This is about Derrek Rose and where he will attend college. Both school should face the facts that it appears the kid will go to Memphis. Why? I don’t really know because Memphis brings almost nothing to the table in the way of exposure, major conference, player development, etc. He’d be better off at either of the B10 schools, but to each his own I suppose.

  11. As a long time Hoosier fan, I am very concerned about where Coach Sampson is taking us. We were once a highly respected program. Now, we are resorting to unethical behaviors to try to salvage just a fraction of what we once had.

  12. Inidana is a depleted program with a nonethical coach. So go ahead and stick up for the coach and so-called program. That is why Jim Delaney will be sanctioning Indiana as well. You all are losers and always will be. Once Knight was forced out, your program has been terrible.

  13. I’m disgusted with the direction our program is heading. First we hire a Coach that came with NCAA violations as baggage, then the IU administration allows Coach Sampson to create a ton of negative publicity on how how he handled the Gordon recruitment. Our program is legendary and we should not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get a Coach to come here.

    It seems our program has dipped farther down that everyone expected, and I’m embarrassed that we have gotten to this point. Even if Derrick Rose joins us, there is an air of sleaziness to how the whole recruiting was handled this year. I hate to say this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if recruits are now receiving money to come to our storied program. That would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

  14. Frankly I feel like the Nation (ill-annoying fans in particular) are just grasping for anything to try and bring IU fans down. My personal outlook is, we had a very ethical man in Davis and still got made fun
    of because we couldn’t win & played sloppy. Now we WILL win and have to endure negativity about Sampsons ethics.

    Lots of people say us Hoosiers are sacrificing ethics in order to win. I say those are the people leaving the game with their heads hanging after the Hoosiers dominate the Big Ten this year.

  15. Oh yea “we’re crying like little babies.” Give me a break dude, and get over yourself. It’s people like you that is the reason I can’t stand Hoosier fans.

    What EJ and his family did was classless. They waited until the last two weeks to decommitt from Illinois when all along indications were that we was going to Indiana from what I’ve been hearing, yet he kept leading us along. Have the balls to at least say you’re re-opening your options again, I’m fine with that. Give us notice a head of time so we can go recruit other guys. He handcuffed us and screwed us over. And with Sanctions at the helm, I can’t help but wonder if there is something under the table there. Not saying there is at all, but you do wonder.

    I’d love it if DR came to Illinois. And despite what the guy who started this topic is stating; all indications are that it’s still 50/50. Don’t know where you’re getting your info. I’ve got multiple sources that still have no idea.

    If it’s a basketball decision, it’s Illinois. If it’s something else it’s Memphis. The choice is easy from my POV but then again I’m not Derrick, and I don’t know what’s best for him. Which ever team you choose DR, we’ll still love ya here in Champaign for giving us a late look after what EJ did. But we’ll love ya more if you come to Champaign. 🙂

  16. Im not a big fan of IN or Ill, but I will say don’t blame EJ for whats going on. I happen to know the kid, and his family. When you hear that EJ is a good kid, don’t take that lightly, he is a good kid. Never raises his voice, no sagging jeans, just a kid who loves the game of basketball. You can catch him at a gym at 9:00pm daily working on his game, not for show, but because he loves the game. His parents could have handled the situation better, but do not place any of the blame on him. Believe me he could care less about any of the fame and glory this brings, he just wants to play. Its the grown-ups in this that dropped the ball.

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