Weismiller resigns

Indiana volleyball coach Katie Weismiller did the right thing by resigning today.

Weismiller’s teams haven’t been winning the past three years and with a 19-game losing streak to end the season it was pretty clear Weismiller wouldn’t be back next year.

But it’s still too bad. I’ll never forget taking a tour of IU’s volleyball facilities a couple of years ago and checking out the locker room and shower areas. In the former University School, they still had miniature showers and toilets designed for children, not Big Ten volleyball players. In the past couple of years they’ve added air conditioning and a properly padded floor to University Gym, but that is still a bad facility from a recruiting standpoint.

Weismiller, who’s classy, bright and personable, was a good coach caught in a bad situation — in the lowest budget volleyball program in a tough conference. Although she saw several different plans drawn up over the years for a new volleyball facility, none of them came to fruition. That will be somebody else’s problem now.

The best news in this situation is that Weismiller plans to stay in Bloomington and apparently to get another job somewhere at IU. She’ll be a good hire for somebody.