Illinois 51, Indiana 43

That’s a final. Indiana probably got a little high on itself coming off the five-game win streak and first appearance of the year in the rankings.

Check out the audio of Kelvin Sampson’s press conference in the post above.

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2:10, second half: Illinois 45, Indiana 37

That dunk by Pruitt finishes it.

If Indiana can come back from that it means they’re either pretty special or Illinois chokes.


3:37, second half: Illinois 41, Indiana 37

Sampson is still yelling for his team to get it inside to D.J. White, despite the double-teams he’s encountering.


7:01, second half: Illinois 37, Indiana 35

Stemler just passed up a 3-pointer and in doing so pissed Sampson off. See what I’m saying about how hard it is to balance out the offense?

Anyway, Bassett was in there at point guard running things there and that seemed to give Illinois a little bit of trouble. He chances pace a little bit better than Calloway.

Earl’s back in the game now.


9:05, second half: Illinois 37, Indiana 33

When the Hoosiers are in the right position they’re getting good shots. Otherwise, they’re not.


11:33, second half: Illinois 35, Indiana 25

Two nice moves by D.J. White down low to keep his team in it. That’s what Sampson wanted. It’s a tough thing for him: he doesn’t want to discourage the 3-point shot, especially when it’s working, but he needs his team to be patient at the same time.


15:19, second half: Illinois 31, Indiana 23

Sampson wasn’t happy with the quick 3 Stemler took, and yelled at him when he came back down the court.

This time Stemler got the ball and immediately lobbed it into D.J. White, who had it tipped away and out of bounds.

So Sampson still wants them to work the inside at this point.


16:52, second half: Illinois 31, Indiana 23

Armon Bassett just missed a few assignments — although one was on a pretty scrambled play — and was yanked as the Illini have turned to the 3-point shot to try to break it open.


18:01, second half: Illinois 25, Indiana 23

Once again, Indiana’s not been very good in the paint. That almost got them against UConn; it might do the job today.

Illinois outscored the Hoosiers 12-2 in the paint in the first half, and then center Shaun Pruitt opened the second half with a close shot, and then a board and putback.


Half: Indiana 23, Illinois 23

Don’t know if you could tell, but the fans here booed Sampson heartily when he was interviewed by Erin Andrews.

By the way, what’s all the hype with her? Basketball knowledge?


1:16, first half: Indiana 21, Illinois 20

It’s been a while since Indiana’s offense looked this out of it. They’re usually fairly consistent…never too explosive, never too dull. Illinois is taking a lot of what they want to do away, and the Hoosiers are forcing shots.


5:23, first half: Indiana 19, Illinois 14

Indiana has 13 rebounds to Illinois’ 6.


7:02, first half: Indiana 19, Illinois 14
Quick note before we go any further: A.J. Ratliff has been in the game, but he does have a much heftier wrap on his left wrist. He must have tweaked it against UConn.

D.J. White was taking his first-half break — he only gets one, maybe two a half — and Indiana managed to have good defensive presence low. Illinois tried to drive a few times and a combination of Joey Shaw, Lance Stemler and Mike White were there to defend the basket.


11:34, first half: Indiana 18, Illinois 11

I’m going to pick on Doug a bit here, which is a bad idea since he’s my boss. But let’s go with it.

He said as we were walking into the alien spaceship/Illinois’ Assembly Hall that he thought the Hoosiers would finally have an off night shooting the ball.

Well, half of their points have come from behind the 3-point arc so far, with three different players hitting.

They’re in trouble defensively in the paint, though. The Illini have enough strength down there to get shots and boards and draw fouls.


15:28, first half: Indiana 11, Illinois 7

D.J. White off to a big start. Has hit a couple of jumpers and just grabbed his second big offensive board and was fouled. He’ll go to the line.

The Illinois fans haven’t been that bad so far, really. No reference to Gordon at all as of yet.


Back to the Calloway, Bassett, Wilmont, Stemler and D.J. White starting lineup for the Hoosiers.


Sampson went straight for the handshake as the Orange Krush booed him and held up cell phones.

Weber was talking to a player but broke away for the quick hand clasp and nothing more. Sampson gave Weber the old shoulder slap as he passed by. I do this to people I dislike, too.

And now they know I don’t like them. Whoops.

OK, OK. In all seriousness, it was quick. But probably not all that out of the ordinary. Sampson said the other day that he doesn’t know Weber “personally.” So they probably don’t have too much to chat about before a game.


If you notice a lack of signs held up by the Illinois fans directed derogatorily at Kelvin Sampson, it’s not because they didn’t bring them.

They did.

It’s because Illinois officials have been confiscating them.

A sampling follows. Some we’ve seen before.

“Sampson called me” — Real original.

“Sampson recruited me, too.” — Probably not. You’re 5-7, 240.

“Sampson hired me.” — This one ain’t bad. Poking fun of the fact Sampson just happened to hire a bunch of guys who had strong ties to Gordon.

“Don’t call me, Kelvin. I’ll call you soon.” — This one refers to the fact that Sampson can’t currently call recruits, only take their calls. Eh. Not doing much.

I expected better.


  1. I’m a huge fan of the hoosier and have been since i was little… I love bobby knight.. could stand mike davis. the only reason they made it to the final four bc it was bobby knights players that he recruited… Kelvin Sampson is one hell of a coach… i enjoy him.. he lets everyone play… each player is on the team for one and one reason only. to play ball. he puts them in and if they are not helping the team out, he takes them out and puts in a different player till they figure out what they are doing wrong, or right.


  2. I was watching the game on EPSN and I just have one question.

    Who are these idiots doing the play by play? Granted I won’t even watch the game on TV when “Dicky V” is doing play by play but these buffoons were terrible. I know that I should be listening to Don Fischer on the radio but I didn’t have one handy.

    I’m guessing the TV announcers were also the local Illinois announcers? Not only were they bumbling idiots they were very clearly pro Illinois, and anti Indiana and Coach Samspon.

  3. Melissa, does that mean the only reason the Hoosiers are in the Top 25 right now and have a good 14-5 record is because Sampson is using Coach Davis’ players?

    That argument is terrible…as is saying the Final Four was because of “Knight’s players.” Knight never coached Jared Jeffries or AJ Moye. Knight also rarely if ever played Tom Coverdale. Just as Davis never coached Stemler, Mike White, or Bassett.

    However, I do agree with your description of Sampson’s coaching, and I think he is great at IU. Go Coach Sampson…and GO IU. Tough loss tonight, but we will bounce back.

  4. nell, I’m with you. I had to turn the television on mute in the second half it got so bad. I think Brent Musberger is one of the most annoying people in the world.

    And Steve Lavin…that goes without saying.

  5. I wish we could get Rick Majerus to do some IU games.
    He actually talks about what is going on in the game,
    but doesn’t interfere with the action.
    Musberger is very annoying and relies on Lavin to tell
    him what’s going on! Vitale is beyond annoying. He talks
    more about himself and his social calendar than one
    can stand. It’s too bad, because he does know so much
    trivia. But you sure don’t know what’s going on in the
    game when he covers it.
    IU will come back from this. Every team deserves an
    off night.

  6. I have got to say that by far my favorite announcing crew would be any combination involving Jay Bilas or Bill Raftery…even Clark Kellogg isn’t bad although he has a lot of corny little phrases he uses. Bilas and Raftery are really knowledgable and provide a lot to the telecast. Vitale just rambles about naming Assembly Hall after Bob Knight. I thoroughly enjoyed him doing this, especially last year when at the time, Knight was suing the university. Great idea Dick.

  7. bill raftery?!?! god, he’s even worse than vitale with his annoying, practiced catch phrases he screams such as “a little kiss”. do you understand he came up with a list of these phrases to make himself more popular? then he screams them all game long. he’s a grown man for crying out loud. quit the self-promoting antics and just cover the game. that’s why i always keep my finger over the mute button when i’m forced to sit thru raftery.

  8. Worst announcers:
    Packer – an ACC apologist and homer with no insight or analysis.
    Rafferty – seems nice but a doofus
    Musberger – awful, always has been

    I can handle Vitale for a period, though the continual reference to Bobby Knight is getting a little old. He has enthusiasm for the game and has occasionally decent insight.

    Bilas is solid as is Digger. Lavin gets an OK due to the “Pepperpot” references.

  9. Gang, this was an IU team that wasn’t ready to play… and all we can do is talk about the TV announcers? The announcers are the least of our problems. At least no one will ever say that someone won at OK because of Sampson’s players… All he left the next Sooner’s coach was the baggage from the NCAA. Hope there isn’t a repeat performance in IU land.

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