Indiana 71, Iowa 64 (Final)

Final: Indiana 71, Iowa 64

It didn’t look like they were shaving points, but it did seem as if the Hoosiers were doing everything they could to blow their once-sizeable lead.

The score doesn’t do justice to how lopsided the game was. If you were watching Kelvin Sampson, it looked as if every Hawkeye bucket in garbage time was taking a year off his life.

Even with the minor collapse at the end of the game, Indiana’s performance was still impressive. Paticularly the play of junior D.J White who had 23 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks. White dominated the boards all game and was aided by strong play from Lance Stemler (seven rebounds) and Rod Wilmont (five).

Once again the Hoosiers weren’t trigger-shy, launching 21 three-pointers and connecting on eight. For the game, the team shot 46.3 percent from the field and went 13-17 from the free throw line.

The duo of Armon Bassett and Earl Carlloway proved successful once again — the two point guards combined for 18 points and nine assists.

The Hoosiers only bench points came from A.J. Ratliff, who had eight. Kelvin Sampson tightened his rotation versus the Hawkeyes, playing all of his starters over 30 minutes.


1:02, second half: Indiana 66, Iowa 56

Slop. That’s what this is. Nobody is sharp right now, not even the officials.


1:44, second half: Indiana 65, Iowa 54

Haluska just stole a pass intended for White and went the other way for a pull-up jumper. The Hoosiers couldn’t will themselves to stay in this game at the end and now Iowa has gotten a little too close.


3:55, second half: Indiana 64, Iowa 50

Sampson had the backups in and had to yank them when Iowa pulled within 14. Ben Allen looked like he thought he was in Australia. Crikey!


8:04, second half: Indiana 60, Iowa 41

D.J. White has taken over. He’s got 33 points and is probably into double digits on rebounds by now. He looks almost graceful out there…a far departure from earlier this year.


11:32, second half: Indiana 49, Iowa 35

Iowa’s working hard to get switches on Haluska, running him off screens and through traffic. He twice got the ball low in the paint after gaining separation and hit a lay-in and was fouled.

A.J. Ratliff’s got four fouls and is on the bench for Indiana.


13:33, second half: Indiana 44, Iowa 30

Haluska just got open and buried a deep 3. Even up 14, that’s not a good sign for Indiana. I think Sampson just called this time out to discuss that fact. Iowa’s going to start shooting from all over the place and he’s worried that his team has been lulled into a false sense of superiority. Iowa’s just been more sloppy.


15:48, second half: Indiana 39, Iowa 23

The tempo has picked up here. Armon Bassett opened the scoring with a running 40-foot 3-pointer and the D.J. White swooped in for a dunk.

Rod Wilmont hurt his right arm trying to make a steal just a moment ago. He stayed on the floor but eventually shrugged off help from the doctors.


Half: Indiana 29, Iowa 17

A sort of mundane little half there. Wilmont is still shooting and rebounding well. He 3-of-7 3-pointers and has 11 points and four rebounds.


3:58, first half: Indiana 24, Iowa 13

Tough start for Haluska. He’s had a few open shots that have rimmed out. Indiana is dominating on the boards.


7:30, first half: Indiana 19, Iowa 10

Gorney missed a dunk — how is that even possible at his height — and Lance Stemler countered with a 3-pointer as the Hoosiers defense has been tight and offense varied.


11:58, first half: Indiana 10, Iowa 10

The first “Stand up, old people” chant came at the 14:19 mark, and a few obliged. I can’t imagine anyone being too thrilled about being called and old person. The students need to come up with a kinder, gentler way to persuade them.


15:14, first half: Iowa 8, Indiana 5

Calloway is handling Halusku and has allowed him only one open shot, which he missed.

Wilmont got the ball for the first time and wanted to shoot right away. It slipped out of his hands.

He got it seconds later and shot right away. It feel. He’s still feeling good from the trip to State College.

Seth Gorney has hurt the Hoosiers with two mid-range jumpers. They’re having trouble guarding him because he’s a 7-foot post who drifts a bit. Might we see Ben Allen out there to guard him?


Starting for the Hoosiers, the usual: Calloway, Wilmont, Bassett, Stemler and White.

Iowa’s Adam Huluska is going to be a tough match for whoever guards him. The Hoosiers found a way to limit Geary Claxton, the mid-sized and multi-talented forward for Penn State. Let’s see what they do here.


  1. Another late-arriving crowd at Assembly Hall tonight. Five minutes before the game, it was half-empty. As the game starts, most of the lower concourse seats are full now, but the balcony is still over half empty.

  2. A very casual effort by Indiana early in this game with a lukewarm crowd in the background. The Hoosier has allowed 7-foot Seth Gorney, who averages 5.9 ppg, to score six in the first five minutes.

    Indiana’s defense is struggling at the start, much like it did Saturday at Penn State.

    During the first commercial break, they were showing fans at the game on the big screens on the scoreboard. One of the fans they showed was football coach Terry Hoeppner.

  3. Hey, can you guys post a final as soon as the game is over? That’s what I’m checking for. Thanks!!!

  4. It looked on TV like the stands were full. I was glad to
    see that so many of them wore make up, etc., and that
    there were even some guys dressed like Sampson.

    It wasn’t an exciting game, but Levin and Musberger said
    Assembly Hall was the loudest place they had been in
    this year.

    Good for the fans!

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