Robinson changes mind, picks SMU instead of IU

This is one of those crazy recruiting stories I’ll always remember.

I talked with Texas LB/DE Josh Robinson late this afternoon and he told me about why he had chosen to play football at Indiana this fall. That story was slated to run in tomorrow morning’s H-T.

But by the time I came home from having dinner tonight at Macri’s Deli in Bloomington, Robinson had already announced that he’s changed his mind.

“I just de-committed to Indiana and I’m committing to SMU now,” Robinson told Andy Romey of Inside Indiana tonight, saying he decided it’s too far from Bloomington to Dallas and that his choice of SMU is “firm.”

Robinson told Romey he called Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner to tell him he was de-committing and Hoeppner “didn’t like that.”

I remember Hoeppner explaining last year that he doesn’t believe there’s even such a word as “de-commit.” He said a commitment is a commitment and you can’t invent a word to undo that. So I believe that wasn’t a pleasant call tonight for young Mr. Robinson.

I tried calling Robinson on his cell phone to find out what had happened in the few hours since I’d last talked with him, but got his voice mail.

As I get any further information about what happened in this situation, I’ll let you know.


  1. Hey, what goes around comes around.

    Hep says there’s not word de-commit yet he steals the kid from Michigan getting him to de-commit.

    Personally, I hope he loses more players because of what he did.

  2. Hep is a great guy and has done nothing wrong. You are a worthless slob and so are people that don’t want to be a part of this IU team.

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