Sampson press conference notes

Kelvin Sampson met with members of the media today to discuss Tuesday’s game against Iowa. Here are some of the highlights of what he said.

He said that what fans are seeing from this year’s Hoosiers in terms of level of effort and style of play is the same as how his teams played year in and year out at Montana Tech, Washington State and Oklahoma. “What’s new to a lot of people here is how my teams have played for 20-some years,” he said.

Joey Shaw didn’t play much against Penn State, Sampson said, because his defensive effort wasn’t adequate.

“There are some young kids that base their existence on whether they are making shots,” Sampson said. “You can’t do that. You have to play hard.

“We met this morning before we worked out. I pointed certain things out. He knows why he didn’t play, and he will be better next game.”

Lance Stemler didn’t have a good game against Penn State. Sampson said he’s not worried about that, but he does think Stemler needs to get tougher and play with the same intensity in every game.

“I don’t worry about Lance,” Sampson said. “Lance is a pretty smart kid. He didn’t play well the other day. He’s had some other games he hasn’t played so well in, but he bounced back, and he will bounce back. He will be fine.”

Rod Wilmont knows he can’t keep putting the ball up like he did after he got hot against Penn State, Sampson said.

The Hoosier coach said he doesn’t have to tell Wilmont to dial back his shot attempts after launching 17 3-pointers Saturday because Wilmont already knows not to keep shooting so much.


  1. Quote from Pat Forde:

    “Indiana: Another place with great old-school feel — and until they moved the students out from behind the north goal this season, it got as loud as anywhere when the home team was on a roll.”

    This is yet another problem that is being caused by our administration. We will see what happens tonight with the Old People chant.

  2. Scott, I’d like to write something soon for the H-T about how fans feel about the gameday environment at Assembly Hall and about IU’s role in creating that environment.

    The whole conversation about whether students stand up too much (according to some fans) or whether “old people” don’t stand up when they should is pretty interesting. And there was somebody on here recently who wrote that they saw ushers telling students not to cheer so boisterously.

    I’d appreciate anybody who’d like to share their thoughts or experiences dropping me an e-mail at

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