Sarkodie makes cut…one more to go

Indiana men’s soccer player Ofori Sarkodie has been asked back to training camp for the United States Under-20 team.

If Sarkodie makes the last cut, which will come after Saturday and will be affected by how many players US Soccer can get released from their international contracts, he would play in the CONCAF Final Round Qualifying Tournament later this month. If the United States can finish first or second in their group at that tournament it would qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup over the summer.

Sarkodie is playing center back — although the U-20s run a four back set, while the Hoosiers use just three — and will be in a fight for one of the last spots. Head coach Thomas Rongen will need to cut two or three players and at least one of them figures to be a back.

In other U.S. Soccer news, Indiana grad Pat Noonan is currently training with the men’s national team and could play in its opening friendly of the year, a Jan. 20 game against Denmark (10:50, ESPN2).