The view from Doug’s couch

What a tremendous win for the Hoosiers over a young, but gifted UConn team.

Indiana had come close at Duke, Kentucky and Ohio State, but had wilted at the end of all three of those big road games against NCAA Tournament-quality teams.

The Hoosiers didn’t wilt Saturday. Although they didn’t have the size or athleticism to match Connecticut on the boards, they looked like a savvy, veteran team with Rod Wilmont hitting two key baskets – a long 3 and a fast-break drive – and Armon Bassett sinking four late free throws to pull out the game.

With Chris covering the game in Hartford, I was at home in Bloomington watching it on TV.

It was a terrific game. I have the feeling a lot of Hoosier fans watching on TV were reminded of the old days when their nervousness made it difficult, but thrilling, to watch a hard-fought, down-to-the-wire battle like this one.

One key to the win – Indiana’s outside shooting. I can hardly believe how well Indiana has shot the ball in three straight road games. You’re not supposed to be able to do that away from home.

Rod Wilmont and D.J. White continued to look Saturday like they are ready to carry this team. Wilmont led all scorers with 23.

Mike White got his first start Saturday and battled hard against taller opponents. Ben Allen and Lance Stemler were tentative and ineffective in limited playing time, leaving the Hoosiers lacking adequate support inside for D.J. White.

Now that the Hoosiers have won a thriller for their fifth straight victory, Indiana sports fans can turn their full attention to tomorrow’s AFC Championship Game where the Colts could earn their first trip to the Super Bowl since they moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

When was the last time sports fans in Indiana have had weekends like these last couple?

And Chris, have a good flight back tomorrow. I might even have a cold beer waiting for you if you make it back in time for the Colts game.


  1. Wow…what a gutsy performance. The way they performed down the stretch in a hostile environment was phenomanal. That was a tourney type game, and I think bodes well for later in the year…Go Colts!

  2. Was it just me, or for a few moments were we playing 6 people over there: five Huskies and one ref playing great defense? I’m pretty sure he should have called himself for kicking on the one play and blocking on the other, though…

    In all seriousness, that ref should be admonished for his stupidity. Both of those moments were massively disruptive to IU and COULD HAVE cost them momentum, possibly the game.

    I only complain about bad officiating when my team wins so I don’t sound like a whiner. That said, that crew sucked. I’ve never seen more whistles inexplicably swallowed when IU was driving, right after a ticky-tack foul was just called on the other end.

    Those two issues had me fuming at various points of today’s great win. But I’m not fuming anymore. IU just won a great game of 5 on 8. GO HOOSIERS!

  3. I agree. Plus, the TONS of commercials in the first half,
    especially, when IU was on a run had to interrupt their

  4. On the officiating, I agree with the previous comments. One of the things I like about Bob Knight was that the officials did their job or they had to deal with him. He had the clout to stand up for his team. You mess with the General and the General will mess with you. Great win for the Hoosiers and now back to biz……the Illini.


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