What I’d like to see from the student section

I apologize in advance to my elders for this next sentence.

I’ve heard a lot of “old people” complaining about the IU student section lately, with the biggest complaint surrounding the student’s timeliness. These complaints are probably fair, most students do come within minutes of tip-off and I can’t blame them. When I wake up for my 11:15 a.m. class I have to tell myself the British are coming just to motivate myself out of bed.

But you can’t be too critical about the student section. Why you ask? Because then the students will fire back and complain about your respective weaknesses (bathroom breaks, leaving to beat the traffic, standing…).

But I can. I’m one of “them” — a student. I can be as self-critical as Peyton Manning watching film. After all, I am technically a student season-ticket holder, although my roommates cash in on this more than I do. So I’ve come to your defense old people, enjoy.

1. No White Out
Maybe you forgot, but thanks to former athletic director Michael McNeely, IU’s school colors are not red and white — but CREAM and CRIMSON. So why are the students trying to white out Assembly Hall? Wouldn’t a “Cream” out be much more appropriate? This has nothing to do with Eric Clapton, calm down “old people.”

And call me negative, but I can definitely see this back firing. Isn’t white a sign of weakness? If Wisconsin gets up early are Hoosier fans going to take their shirts off and construct makeshift flags?

2. Get rid of the costumes
This gets me more than anything. Costumes are appropriate on Halloween, every other day of the year you look either crazy or like Clinton Portis. I’ve see more banana costumes than I have Hoosier jerseys at home games this season. And just to make things worse, this fad is starting to catch on. For the sake of IU basketball, save your Ninja Turtle costumes for the fal and put on the cream and crimson when visiting Assembly Hall.

By the way, this message specifically goes out to the individual who wore the Wonder Bread costume to the Michigan game. If you didn’t see him (how?!) he was sitting in the front row at half-court celebrating every timeout like it was New Years. I don’t want to say this guy was begging for attention, but he wore a Wonder Bread costume to a basketball game. I’ve more entertained by the sling-shot that launches shirts than Wonder Boy.

3. Show some respect
Was “old people” the best we could come up with? For all of the alcohol the student section consumes, this was the most creative chant we could come up with? Sigh.

I’d also like to see the student section show some more common sense. For example, if you’re rooting for the Hoosiers, it most likely isn’t a good idea to scream at Mike White when he is trying to shoot free throws.

Did I forget anything? Have any advice for the student section? Any recent Clinton Portis sightings? I’ll grant you temporary immunity: stand up and air your grievances regarding the Assembly Hall student section.


  1. I can’t get to the games, much as I’d like to, and I’m one
    of the “old people” to most of you.
    I am for a student section so students can sit down front
    instead of in the rafters, but understand that paying alumni with large donations deserve their good seats
    in another section.
    I love the enthusiasm at Assembly Hall. I love IU basketball and all that it encompasses.
    I do wonder why so many students come in long after
    the tip off. That makes no sense if you’re an avid fan.
    I agree that silly costumes are just that. I’d rather see
    you paint your chest with IU letters.
    I agree that “old people” should be enthusiastic at the
    games, and am surprised that they’re not. I’ve watched
    for lots of years, and still can’t stop yelling at the TV
    during the games.
    So lets all try a little harder, stay behind the players
    and coaches, and bring IU basketball back to where
    it should be, ok??

  2. 1. White Outs are stupid. We did it twice last year and lost both times. Not sure why we’d continue that tradition.
    2. Costumes are stupid too. Just wear IU gear. Or cream or crimson.
    3. Respect is important. The students need to understand that nowhere in America do 40 or 50 year old fans stand up for the whole game. And those non-student fans behind the basket didn’t demand those tickets. The athletic department needed more money since nobody attends football games.

    Nonetheless, we need to stop getting mad at our own fans. Just let everyone who pays for a ticket support the team how they wish. Our stadium still gets plenty loud and we’ve yet to drop a game there this year. Yet…

  3. I have mixed feelings about moving the students closer to the court. On the one hand it would be nice to let the student crowd intimidate opponents but on the other hand I’ve always felt the crowds at Duke, Illinois, and etc…, were stupid and immature.

    I don’t think Indiana fans have to stoop to childish behavior to help win games. When everyone starts acting like idiots, sportsmanship is lost.

    There is a simple solution to getting fans in the seats on time. Make a rule that seats (tickets not scanned) that are unoccupied 5 minutes before tipoff may be re-sold to the general public immediately. This rule would apply to every seat in the house.

    The same rule should apply to football as well.

  4. I think it’s funny that the “you guys” Pete is talking about is an IU student… Of course I wouldn’t blame the students for the “old people” chant. The athletics department should have known bad things would happen when it took those seats from the students because it had to make up for losing the $30 athletics fee that shouldn’t have been created in the first place.

    On another note, the following things will disappear with a defined student section on the floor: 1.) No more every-student-that-wants-tickets-gets-them. 2.) The number of games students can attend will get smaller and smaller.

  5. One thing that you, and all the other students need to realize, is the “old people” at the games are part of the Hoosier traditions, the ones who donate big money (more each year than most of you will pay in tuition over 4 years) and have been around for years. At 31, I am considered old by the students, but I remind them, I have been coming to IU Basketball and Football games since before they were born. As far as the student section, I have for years (since middle school) have always thought the lower level (court side) should be students, all the way around. And more so that those tickets are on a first come, first served basis. I believe crowd noise helps when games. Come on students, get there early, and get loud, but none of the childish BS that other schools do.

  6. I agree with Mike P. I fail to see why a defined student
    section all around the floor will result in less tickets
    for the students. And, if they don’t value them now (coming in late to very late) maybe it is a good idea to
    use stadium seating (first come, first served) in the
    student sections.
    When my son was there they got tickets on a lottery basis, and very few were late for the games. The demand will
    be that great again, and tickets should go to those
    who really want to see the game!

  7. The problem is mathmatic. Simple fact is the students pay less for those seats than alumni/general public. So if you take the seats around the court from those that pay in the thousands for season tickets and give them to those that only pay a little more than $200 for them, then that revenue has to be made up from another area.

    Which seats were taken to make up for the athletics fee?

    Which seats were taken to move the media off the court in order to sell floor seats for thousands?

    Students will just lose more seats if those currently sitting all around the court have to be transplanted. Sure, it would create a better atmosphere for the team, but when I WAS a student, the greatest thing was being in the building (something I’d kill for now).

    Being in the building might be something fewer students will get the chance to do if that student section becomes a reality.

  8. You guys are stupid! Stop complaining about all this petty crap! Going to games is supposed to be fun so I really don’t think you sad sad people should be complaining about stuff like costumes!! It’s funny so get over it!

  9. White out looks good on TV, look at MSU.

    Don’t try to be breakfast club with your costumes, get original and come up with your own tradition.

    Dunno about the respect thing, but sometimes alumni fans need a swift kick in the you know what.

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