An afternoon interview with Elijah

There will be a recruiting column in tomorrow’s H-T, featuring an interview with Eli Holman.

I was able to talk to Eli today during his lunch period. He mentioned he wanted to make a trip to Bloomington to see a home game — but he wasn’t sure how realistic it would be.

I couldn’t fit the entire interview into tomorrow’s column, so I figured I would post the leftover highlights from our discussion.

On playing with his teammates again
“I haven’t had any struggles with them, it feels the same. You play with the same guys for years…even though I’ve been off for almost a year and a half, we’re together six days a week now.”

On sitting out for 14 months
“Oh man, it makes you appreciate the game. I was hungry to get back.”

What he works on training-wise with Lonnie Coleman
“We’d been working a lot with the medicine balls, doing a bunch of different things, and with weights. I’ve also been trying to improve my ball handling skills and shooting. Just the basics.”

On playing against Matt Simpkins
“Matt Simpkins is a very special player. He’s about 6-9, 6-10, and he’s the No. 13 in the country. He’s a D-1 recruit. It was fun playing against him. Well, I had fun, I’m not sure he did. But he shook my hand after the game and everything. He dominated our league as a big man, and now with my return, he’s got some competition.”

On being ranked lower than Simpkins and other big men
“I couldn’t tell you. I don’t let rankings affect me, I don’t pay attention to them, honestly.”

Individual goals for the rest of the season
“My academics. I’m trying to get on the Honor Roll. If you don’t get the grades — you can’t play.”

On his hectic schedule (class, basketball, SATs, training)
“I honestly don’t consider it busy — its more of a job. It’s something I feel like I have to do everyday. I believe it’s going to pay off in the long run.”

On moving from California to Indiana
“I’ve had to deal with snow before. I went to South Carolina one year and they had six inches. I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to.”


  1. Great job … What would be interesting is to put to bed some of the rumors out there about Eli being involved with drug trafficking and use. I think some people took his statement to the media on his return when he emphatically stated that kids should stay in school and get off the streets. He knows because he has been there. Well Some people have taken that sound bite and ran off with it. Stating that he is a bad apple and will be a problem here at IU.

  2. I know he previously cleared up that quote with Mike Pegram from Peegs…It’s too bad people ran with that rumor but that is the way rumors work…

    If anyone else has any suggestions on people or things they’d like to see in the next column, let me know and i’ll do my best.

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