Eric Gordon.

After watching ESPN2 tonight, I’m a little verklempt.

Gordon put up 43 points tonight in North Central’s victory over Loyola (Ill.). If you didn’t catch the game, you can probably check Sportscenter tonight and be rewarded. Included in the highlights was a spectacular “MJ/Dominique Wilkins-esque” breakaway dunk and several three-pointers what were in what I like to call “Rod Wilmont range.”

Bottom line, he looks he is going to be the Hoosiers best recruit since that point guard from Chicago..

Anyways, talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. Eric Gordon is neither 18 years old, nor an athlete with visible weaknesses. Discuss.


  1. I had never seen him play until tonight. He is simply
    beyond belief! I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s a
    young Michael Jordan. He does it all, and never breaks
    a sweat.
    NC was playing Illinois’ no. 2 ranked high school team and they were never in the game. I wonder what Jordan
    thought, sitting there with Buckner, watching Eric score
    43 points effortlessly.
    The down side if whether he’ll play at the college level
    more than one year.
    Phenomenal player!

  2. There really isn’t anything he can’t do on the court. He can stroke it from NBA range, get to the basket with authority, and doesn’t seem to force much.
    His explosiveness/quickness was amazing. A wonderful talent who will be great for the Hoosiers. I couldn’t help but be reminded of a poor man’s Chad Sutor. Definitely a great pick-up for Kelvin and the Hoosiers.

  3. There’s no questioning Gordon’s offensive prowess. One wonders, though, how good his defense is. That’s as important in Sampson’s system as shooting the rock.

    I hope he can learn to play as well on the defensive end as on the offensive.

  4. His defensive capabilties are almost as impressive as his offensive. He has an NBA guard’s body at 18 or 19 yrs old and he has quickness that few can match. I think he will probably fit in perfectly with Sampson’s defensive intensity.

  5. No doubt the kid will be a GREAT player for IU!!! However, in college he will be out on the floor with 9 other “high school phenoms”….I hope people show patience with the lad if he isn’t MJ after the first game.

  6. Doug, I agree and hope for that as well…but without a doubt, at least in terms of message boards etc., patience will not be shown. Just like nearly everyone jumping all over DJ while he adjusted at the beginning of this year. Well, he has turned out pretty well over the course of the season.

    There will definitely be pressure on him to produce early on, and from the looks of it, he should be able to. If not, I hope fans understand there is a difference between high school basketball and division one college basketball.

  7. I swear it took time for it to sink in. I have played against Chicago’s best, played against every IU player from 87-91 including Cheney…& I watched all 100 games a year for about a decade with the Bulls. I barely ever missed an IU game. After all I have seen…Eric Gordon is the best player I have ever seen in my life. I only have seen 27 minutes. He plays with a different purpose than any player I have ever seen. He had an immediate answer for anything Loyola threw at him. His game is the most remarkable mountain of work I have ever seen. He is invincible. He has the best range I have ever seen including Bird. You can tell he is barely ever off. He will take 10 3’s in a row on you & hit 8…He can explode by you & the moves & ball-handling skills are so well-refined…He could score 27 a game in the NBA right now. He will set records at IU & change the game. He is in a different world out there…IU will have to let him loose. They don’t even need an offense. He will destroy the Big Ten next year. There is no way to even come close to stopping him. A 70-100 million dollar kid. Such a great shooter…he could break his leg tonight, & average 20 in the NBA next year. Get ready Hoosier fans…”after 40 years of seeing the best players in the state.of IN…Chicago…the world….I NEVER seen a better ball-player than Eric Gordon.”
    He is totally strong too…a mix between Rip Hamilton & Barkley…or a mix between Gilbert Arenas & Lebron James…
    Lottery pick that will drive teams crazy in the NBA for 15 years. Remember…I only saw 27 minutes.
    Drake Dietrick – Glendale, AZ

  8. He will be way better than MJ in his first game. He is a force that will school anyone at any level. Don’t believe me? Go to You Tube.
    Most of the highlights are him schooling All-Stater’s & All-Americans. He will be the best you will ever see for sure. Watch the McDonald’s All-American game…I predict he will set the scoring record for sure…win the three-point contest…& win the slam dunk….
    Then…sweep all the same 3 contests in the NBA All-Star Game in 24 months. The best to ever play the game. Period. Why? He shoots a way better percentage. Seen tons of games…& have not seen him miss a three…yet…In fact…never even hit rim. He will dunk over Lebron, Kobe, all of them…you will see. His game…no one has the imagination to even come up with a game like his. Check out You Tube. No one in the NBA can stop him right now…too strong…too quick…too many weapons…You will believe me March 28th. The best athlete & shooter I have ever seen. Bar none.

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