Finch to Florida?

The strange recruiting saga of Jerimy Finch continues to get stranger.

I guess I should have seen this coming the first time I talked to him. I reached him on the phone the Sunday he gave Indiana a verbal commitment. He told me he was busy and asked if I could call him back.

I asked Finch if he’d be available if I called him back in five minutes. He said yes. Then he turned off his cell phone so that I got his voice mail the rest of the night.

So as many of you now know, Finch has told that he switched his verbal commitment today to Florida. Here’s the quote if you haven’t seen it:

“”I’m committed to Florida and I plan on signing with them tomorrow,” Finch told “That’s it, it’s over with.”

“I got with them today and had a little meeting over the phone with some of the coaches. It just went pretty well. I went ahead and made my commitment. I think they are the best school for me and what’s best for my future.”

But I talked with John Decker, editor of, a few minutes ago and – as you may have read – Finch has told John tonight that he still hasn’t made up his mind and won’t until tomorrow. John told Finch he’d seen the report and Finch still responded that he hasn’t decided between Indiana and Florida.

So this sounds really good for Florida right now, but with Finch, who knows? Maybe he’ll be back around to Michigan by the time he sends in his letter of intent tomorrow.

Finch is consistent about one thing. He still isn’t answering my calls and isn’t calling me back.


  1. I’m not sure what’s going on either. He might be using this as a ploy to get some attention. Who knows, but one thing is for sure. He better sign with the Hoosiers.

    Also, I read one of the editorials in the paper chewing you guys out about grading the performance of the Hoosiers after its games. I think it’s great that you guys do that because, for one thing, it gives us a glimpse of what your take is on how IU is improving. Second, it gives everyone in this town an idea of what to look for in upcoming games. You guys are doing an excellent job. Keep it up. (Who knows, maybe the person who wrote it was a Purdue fan…)

  2. Sounds to me like this kid is a nutcase who just wants to give himself what ever media attention he can get. Seriously if this is the way this kid is IU might be better of without him as who knows what antics he may pull here. He sounds to me like he is mentally unstable and very wavering.

  3. You know times have changed when we actually get nervous about Indiana’s football recruits. Way to go Hep, and hope we can keep Finch.

    Anyone know what time IU announces which players have signed letters of intent?

  4. Sam D.
    I’m guessing they announce it sometime in the morning. I know that Hep has a meeting at Memorial Stadium at 5p.m. for season ticket holders and alumni (just depends on your situation).

    By the way, does anyone know what the seating capacity will be after the addition to the stadium?

  5. Sam, from what I understand IU will be announcing the letters of intent that it receives thoughout the day on, starting perhaps as early as 7 a.m. We will also have comments here about those players as IU announces that it has received their letters of intent, so please come back during the day to share your thoughts.

    As to the stadium seating capacity question, the plan all along has not been to add seats, although that could happen to some degree in the final design I suppose. The plan, as I imagine you know, is to add facilities like a new weight room, academic center, coaches offices, hall of fame, etc. while demonstrating a major investment to football by locating those facilities in a single building constructed in the North end zone. This is about improving IU’s recruiting through having facilities that are comparable to other Big Ten schools, not about adding seats.

  6. Finch has character problems and I question whether he will make it at the next level. Ole’ Unreliable.

  7. Yep, we’ve now seen How the Finch stole Signing Day from all the Hoosiers in Hoosierville.

    You’re a mean one, Mr. Finch!

  8. To sit here and slam on Finch is easy for some of you. Though the reality of it most of you will never understand if you have not been recruited. There are offers coming at you, recruiters and coaches telling you that you will be the best thing since sliced bread, that you will be a college all star for 3 years, cause by your 4th you will be in the NFL. Then you have the reporters assigned to cover a school recruiting you, calling, sending text messages, e-mails, anything they can to try and get you to say your going to this school or that school. Finally you get a look from a school you like, one that you would play for, so you give a verbal, and that verbal slows down the phone calls, the e-mails, etc. You get through your senior season, and still have recruiting trips to take. Other big schools now are stepping to the table, so you take your trip, talk to their coaches, see what there is to offer. Now, the phone calls start again, the questions, the harrasment. You find a school that after recruiting trips and meetings you feel is a better fit for you, you pull your verbal, and decide on this other school. Now, it is known you can be convinced to change your mind. Now a BIG time football program has a hole at your position to fill. They are coming off winning the National Championship, they fly you to sunny Florida in the dead of winter, where the 70 degrees there is so much better than the 10 degrees at home. They are offering you a full ride, to a major program, saying you can be a superstar for a national champion. Now sit back and look at it like this. You are an incredible talent, have the ability to get to the NFL, you have a rebuilding program like IU where you feel good, or the National Champion Florida Gators, giving you those same good feelings, and same offer. What would you do? Would you take a chance to play 4 years at IU, and probably be a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, or 3 years at Florida and raise your stock to a possible first round depending on what is needed by teams that year.

    Cut the KID some slack. I would have loved to seen him come here, or go anywhere else besides Florida, but bottom line is this, he chose Florida, he made a choice that will impact his future, from a Football stand point, he made a very wise move.

  9. I believe his Warren Central coach (Tutsie) did Finch a disservice by not providing more guidance throughout the whole recruiting process. Finch is a young man that is being raised by his grandmother. He already has twin girls. He, probably more than anyone on that WC team, needed a strong adult male in his life. I believe Finch made the decision to go to IU so that he could be close to home, close to his girls, and play football with some of his close friends from WC. Then, out of the blue, Tutsie gets a call late in the game from Urban inquiring about Finch and he’s immediately star struck. I can just imagine him calling Finch to let him know the coach of the National Champs is on the phone and wants you to come play for him! So now he’s going to a college that already has 8 stud safeties on the team and 2 more are coming along with Finch. He’ll get lost in the shuffle. And I beileve it won’t take long before he misses his girls, misses his former teammates, misses his grandmother, misses getting immediate playing time, etc. I won’t be surprised if Coach Hep gets a call from Jerimy sometime before his freshman year is over asking if a scholarship is still available.

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