Game on….and on WTTV

As of now, the Indiana-Purdue game is expected to be played Thursday at 7, as rescheduled. Looks like roads are clearing up in the Lafayette area.

Also, WTTV will indeed show the game tomorrow night. They’ve yet to change the schedule listed on their web site, but a spokesperson there assured me the game would be televised.


  1. I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated with you guys. Every story you write about the upcoming Indiana/Purdue game contains some statement that states Earl Calloway taunted Matt Painter. Yet, in your blog, you earlier provided a link to an article in which Earl was quoted as saying, “I didn’t say anything. I swear it” and, just today, the Indianapolis Star has an article in which Coach Sampson said Earl came back to the huddle and said he didn’t say a word.

    Just who do you believe? The coach of one of our two most hated rivals or Earl Calloway? Obviously, you’re willing to accept Painter at his word even though he has yet to declare what it was that Earl supposedly said. If you don’t believe the author of the story, do us all a favor and either don’t provide a link to it or ask Earl yourself! I expect, as any faithful Hoosier fan would, that you set the record straight on this subject and quit pandering to Painter and Purdue. You not only do the fans a disservice with such shoddy work, you’re making one of our players out to be a bad guy!

  2. My seat wa right behind the Purdue bench and I clearly saw what happened. Painter shouted to whoever was guarding Calloway to drop back and help out on D. J. Earl had the ball and took the 3-point shot — he made it. He did not say anything to Painter but he did turn and glare right at him — he eyes spoke what his mouth didn’t. Being the wimp that he is, Painter freaked. He’s a big time coach now so he should just grow up. Besides, Earl showed class and went back to him, shook his hand and apologized.

  3. Nothing but Hate for Purdue,

    First of all, hate is such a strong word. Ask Tim Hardaway.

    Second, neither Doug, Chris, nor myself was sitting next to Matt Painter when the “exchanged” occured. We saw what everyone else did/did not see.

    And technically, I think you can taunt someone without using words. Do I think Calloway taunted Painter? I will never be sure, I can only go off with Calloway and Painter have said to the media. Their word is much better than my opinion.

    And like we’ve said many times before: we are not Hoosier fans.

    Repeat: we are not Hoosier fans. In other words, don’t expect us to get Earl Calloway’s back in the newspaper — and don’t expect us to bash Matt Painter because he is from Purdue.

    We’re trying to deliver unbiased information to you, the fans. If we haven’t done that — then I apologize.

  4. Nothing but Hate,

    From where I was sitting, which is in the lower west stands with a direct view of Calloway’s face, it did look like Calloway said something.

    Besides that, Sampson had Calloway apologize. So there must have been something to apologize about.

    Honestly, I don’t believe anyone. They all have agendas. Painter is going to make it seem like he’s the victim, Calloway and Sampson are going to make it seem like they’re completely innocent and are therefore the victims in Painters plan to blow it out of proportion.

    This phenomenom troubles reporters at every level. Is the war in Iraq going well? Ask the Marines, they say yes. But then you walk out into the streets and see 60 people dead from a car bomb. So what’s the answer?

    Something happened between Calloway and Painter. It’s now an issue. People on both sides are talking about it. Therefore, I’m writing about it.

    — Chris

  5. You guys take the cake, you know it? You, Matt, want to equate my hatred of Purdue–one of the Hoosiers’ two principal rivals–with Tim Hardaway’s loathsome, homphobic remarks. That’s a cheap shot and despicable on your part. I don’t have to cite rivalry after rivalry in college or professional sports and ask you to honestly answer whether there are intelligent, enlightened fans of both programs who “hate” the other. There are and you know it. So, get off the moral high ground before you fall off from loss of balance.

    So, you guys aren’t Hoosier fans, huh? Well, that’s just great. I’m sure Hoosier fans everywhere are just overjoyed to know we’ve got a trio of journalist in the hometown newspaper covering the hometown team who aren’ fans of the home team. I’m completely flabbergasted!

    So, what’s your rationale for that? Is it to maintain some insulation against being labeled biased or are you three fans of some other college program? If it’s the former, here’s a couple questions and answers for you: (1) Was Bob Hammel an IU fan when he wrote for the HT? You bet your rear end he was! (2) Is Don Fisher an IU fan? You be your keister he is!

    If you three are closet fans of some other school, well, all I can say is I hope this writing about IU sports is just a stepping stone for each of you on your way to your dream job. Either way, though, I’d like for each of you to pack up and hit the road as soon as you can so the HT can hire some true Hoosier fans to write about IU sports.

    As for what prompted me to write in the first place, you, Chris, “don’t believe anyone, but, quite obviously, Calloway either said something or he didn’t. I guess since you’re not Hoosier fans, you lack the the motivation or desire to get to the truth of the matter to defend someone wrongly accused. It’s been how long now? A month or so? Has Painter yet shared with us what Calloway supposedly said to him? Well, yes, in a sense–Painter hasn’t said anything because because Calloway didn’t say anything.

    And no, Matt, no matter how “technical” you want to get, you can’t taunt someone with your eyes. You won’t get whistled for simply looking–even glaring–at an opposing player or coach. Give me one instance where someone got rung up for doing that and that alone. I’m waiting. Still waiting.

    I don’t have anything personal against you guys. You’re likely fine citizens and competent writers. However, I most definitely believe the sportswriters in a college town should be dyed-in-the-wool fans of the program so as to reflect the passion the fans carry for the school’s sports.

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