Identity for Saturday’s game?

There has been a lot of build-up for Saturday’s showdown at Assembly Hall. And for good reason:

1) There has been a week in between games for the Hoosiers.
2) IU is seeking to revenge its 51-43 loss in Champaign on Jan. 23.
3) That guy, Eric Gordon.
4) Everyone can’t wait to dress up and show their support for the Hoosiers… Or their dislike for Bruce Weber.

The fourth reason is the one that has interested me the most over the last few days. I’ve seen three different campaigns students have been organizing to show their support when IU takes on Illinois. Here comes another list…

1) Red-out. Or, as I prefer, a Crimson-out.
2) Sampson-out. Dress like Coach, blue shirt & red tie.
3) Baby rattles and pacifiers. This one won me over immediately. Finally, I can bring my “pookie” in public without everyone judging me. But seriously, the baby rattles are in reference to Weber’s “whining” antics on the court.

All three ideas are creative — let’s give the students that — but I’m not sure if they will be effective if all three try and co-exist.

So which theme do you think Assembly Hall should take Saturday afternoon? Should everyone wear crimson? Should everyone dress up as Coach? Or should everyone pull a NASA and bring their diapers and pacifiers?

Let’s hear ’em. I’m eager to hear your responses.


  1. How about a “Sober-out” where the students all come to the game on time, alcohol free, and don’t boo their own players.

  2. We are actually getting e-mails before every home game now reminding us to show up on time to the games.

    So that is a step at least. It worked for Wisconsin, but that may be because it was just a big game. We will see how it pans out on Saturday.

  3. I like the Sampson-out, for all those who can get the outfit together. Otherwise, just wear crimson. But the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the constant “Er-ic Gor-don” chant from the students. And Bruce’s face when it happens.

  4. you avenge a loss, not revenge. load up on those english classes, matt. lots of mistakes in your writing my friend

  5. I’m telling you, one day I’ve got to get out of this town, my English teachers are hounding me.

    I’ve been focusing too much on basketball and not enough on my AP style book. Point taken. Thanks, coachv.

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