Iowa 81, Indiana 75 (Final)

That’s a final. What a strange, strange game. So many fouls, so much happening on the floor but not because of the players. We’ll have more in a bit.

————-1:03, second half: Iowa 71, Indiana 66

Calloway had a great look there, getting to the lane pretty easily, and failed to get enough on the shot.

No one in the world does a better, “I’m completely innocent” face than Rod Wilmont. He spreads his hands and scrunches up his face and pleads and pleads.


3:50, second half: Iowa 66, Indiana 58

Indiana is losing its poise and not executing. D.J. White jumped out to help on the perimeter and no one gave his man even a second look, leading to a big dunk.

Anyone else surprised to see that Adam Haluska has 29 points? I knew he was having a good game but that number really jumped out at me when I saw it.


5:21, second half: Iowa 61, Indiana 56

Where’d Wilmont pull that move from? Got to the net, somehow got the ball up off the glass.

Indiana is showing some zone defense against today.


7:19, second half: Iowa 56, Indiana 53

Indiana’s two most physical forwards, D.J. White and Mike White, have four fouls each.

Iowa’s best two inside players, Seth Gorney and Kurt Looby, have four, too.

It’s been a tight game with a lot of junky stuff getting called.


11:47, second half: Iowa 49, Indiana 48

Four fouls for D.J. White, and four points. And four assists. And four turnovers. Strange.

Indiana shouldn’t be in this game. Iowa is getting to every rebound.

Ben Allen back into the game.


13:12, second half: Iowa 49, Indiana 48

Many teams have tried to double D.J. White. None have come close to doing as good a job as the Hawkeyes are doing right now.

White has to feed it back out and hope to create open looks for the guards. He did that once and Calloway hit a short jumper.


15:42, second half: Indiana 43, Iowa 42

The officials are getting most of the attention here in this half.

Sampson was livid after they blew the whistle, had a nice little 20 second chat and then decided to call a travel on Indiana.

And Iowa fans were angry about the foul on Gorney when he was helping to double D.J. White.

White, by the way, is 1-for-2 from the field. How does that happen?


Half: Indiana 37, Iowa 37

Indiana continues to send opponents to the line too many times and not get there enough.

Iowa shot 15 free throws in the first half compared to Indiana’s 7.

The Hoosiers only fouled twice more than Iowa (12-10).


58.9, first half: Iowa 37, Indiana 35

A few quick hits.

Ratliff looks like a completely different players these days. Really confident.

Ben Allen into the game. Sampson had no other choice.

Indiana is getting demolished on the boards. Iowa leads 21-9.

Keeling has twice missed the front end of one and ones.


3:25, first half: Iowa 29, Indiana 28

Wow, was Sampson fired up during that time out. He was really going after the team.


3:57, first half: Indiana 28, Iowa 28

Indiana is in foul trouble and Iowa is taking advantage. The Hoosiers just had no one on the floor taller than 6-6, and Iowa’s 6-7 Tyler Smith simply had no trouble getting a basket.

Stupid technical foul by Ratliff. Not sure if my memory is working today, but if it is I think that was the first technical of the year called on Indiana.


7:41, first half: Indiana 24, Iowa 18

Lance Stemler just can’t find any consistency shooting 3s, and when that part of his game is off he doesn’t always do the other things that make him so valuable. He seems to lose a little of the edge that is essential for a guy like him to have if he wants to be a productive player on a Division 1 team.

Meanwhile, D.J. White has taken only one shot. What’s with that? Wonder if Sampson is lecturing on that right now in the huddle.

11:21, first half: Indiana 19, Iowa 14

So, a game of 3-pointers. Wilmont’s hit four of them to give the Hoosiers this lead.

It’s interesting to see what Iowa’s doing to D.J. White this game. Looks like they’re mainly guarding the net, almost baiting White to drive to the basket. And when he tries to drive, even from just a few feet out, that causes some trouble. He stepped out of bounds on the last play. Let’s see how that develops.


15:37, first half: Indiana 10, Iowa 7

Indiana’s doing a good job on shooter Adam Haluska again, at least so far. Calloway has the assignment and he’s two inches smaller and about 40 pounds lighter. It’s won’t be easy for him.

Rod Wilmont is taking it easy today. He’s only average one 3-point attempt per minute. A couple of other times he looked like a hyper kid who needs to pee trying to get his teammates to give him the ball behind the arc.


Can the Hawkeyes manage more than 17 points in the first half this game? Something tells me they will.


Starting for the Hoosiers, no surprises: Earl Calloway, Armon Bassett, Rod Wilmont, Lance Stemler and D.J. White.


Hey, the student section here isn’t full yet! It’s not just the Indiana kids who have trouble getting to games.

The difference here is that it looks like the student sections seats are first come, first serve. As a result, the seats closest to the floor are full, making it much less of an issue.


I feel so inferior.

I can’t give you beautiful women not wearing much clothing, like Lynn Houser can on his Super Bowl blog.

It’s 10 degrees here and feels like, oh, about negative 30.

And it’s not Miami. Not that Iowa girls are all that bad — I have to say that or my girlfriend will dump me — they just aren’t so prominent.

But I will persist as best I can.


  1. I know this is saying a lot, but Rick Majerus is almost making me with Dick Vitale was calling this game.

  2. Boy, I disagree. He was the only enjoyable part of this
    game for me. He doesn’t yell and scream and show off.
    He tells you what he thinks about a play or a player or
    the officiating and goes on to something else. He doesn’t
    try to overtalk the game and go off on a tangent.
    I wish we had him all the time!

  3. I didn’t care for Majerus’ call today either. He used too many superlatives, he repeats himself over (and over). Of course, how different is he than the other color guys?

    One difference? He really doesn’t have a “pro” speaking voice.

  4. Aside from Majerus almost openly cheering for the Hawkeyes, having an ulcer whenever a cheap foul was called on Iowa, repeating phrases over and over, and saying ‘OOO-Fense’ instead of offense, he was a pretty solid announcer. He is horrendous to listen to…I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for is. But he isn’t very viewer friendly….great overall knowledge, but I think he just isn’t meant for the broadcasting booth.

  5. I like Majerus, met him once in Vegas (where he was gambling with George Karl… it was surreal). His color commentary was not good. The only good part was the fact that it felt like he was about to go overboard at any minute about Hauska’s fiancee. As a friend reminded me, Majerus (in commenting on the lady) said: “She doesn’t look like a banker, does she?” There was awkward and stunned silence from his broadcast partner. Classic.

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