Indiana-Purdue game postponed until Thursday

The Indiana-Purdue game that was to be played in West Lafayette Wednesday night has been moved back a day because of heavy snow.

The game has been rescheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at Purdue, according to the IU athletics media relations department.

So you’ll have to enjoy Valentine’s Day without Hoosier basketball.

Long-time employees of the IU athletic department say they can remember only a couple of times when Hoosier basketball games have been postponed. And the only instance they could identify right away Tuesday afternoon was when two games were rescheduled during the blizzard of 1978.

Originally, IU was scheduled to play at Michigan Jan. 26, 1978 and then at home against Michigan State on Jan. 28. Those two games were moved back two days because of snow, according to Jeff Keag of the media relations department, so the Michigan game was played on Jan. 28 and the Michigan State game on Jan. 30.


  1. well, now that i read this post 2 minutes after reading the last post on holman, i may not need the chopper anymore…

    –i’m in chicago and have ticket to wednesday’s game…snow emergency or not in lafayette, i’m still making the trip…anyone have a chopper available to come pick me up, lol? —

  2. To the person above me I had the same question about the game being on TV.

    To the HT: It is not real responsible when reporting a story not to put a VERY important piece of information like that in the story. In general you are my favorite paper to read but the fact that that is not in your story show’s a real lack of investigative reporting on your part. I expect better in the future and I hope that the Herald Times will continue to give ALL the pieces of the stories like this in the future.

  3. Jeff, Javier,

    Multiple calls to the WTTV 4 office were not answered, nor were the messages I left there returned. As with many businesses in the central Indiana area, the station sent non-essential employees home early to keep them safe.

    Hopefully, we’ll find out first thing tomorrow morning whether the game will still be carried.


  4. The news release from IU tonight says that the game Thursday will be televised on ESPN Plus Local, which usually means a game will be shown on WTTV-4.

    We don’t have any confirmation from WTTV-4 at this point that it will have the game, but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t (Can you imagine the uproar?).

    We’ll follow this tomorrow and try to get a definitive answer, but I’d advise fans to expect to watch the game on Channel 4 unless you hear otherwise.

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