Indiana v. Purdue — Live Updates


Indiana loses on the road tonight to the hands of David Teague (32 points) and the Boilermakers. Despite D.J. White’s best efforts, the Hoosiers weren’t able to keep up with Purdue, trailing most of the game.

Believe it or not, Earl Calloway and Matt Painter didn’t get into a single fight all game (with the exception of the bloody fist fight before tip-off).

Ultimately, the Hoosiers lost this game because they were short handed. They were playing without Lance Stemler who had a bum ankle and Earl Calloway down the stretch because of a shoulder injury. A.J. Ratliff and Rod Wilmont were relatively average, and Xavier Keeling and Mike White failed to contribute enough to warrant extended playing time.

On the plus side, Armon Bassett played exceptionally well. His ability to create off the dribble created a lot of extra baskets for the Hoosiers. As I mentioned before, D.J. White played well — it really looks like he has extended his range this season. He drained several jumpers that I would have expected to be bricks last season.

Indiana really needs someone to step up inside for their weekend game against Michigan. They were unofficially out rebounded tonight 30-22 (with White grabbing eight).


[INDIANA 66, PURDUE 78] (1:12)

The Hoosiers are going to need Jason McElwain to pull this one out.

The “overrated” chants have started.


[INDIANA 65, PURDUE 75] (1:56)

Shaw at the line. He misses his first free throw before making his second.

IU down 10 with less than two minutes to go. The Hoosiers are going to need a little bit of a miracle to pull this one out in West Lafayette. D.J. White has really cooled down this second half after exploding for 16 in the first half. Indiana hasn’t had much production from their starters with the exception of Bassett and White.

Meanwhile, Purdue has shot exceptionally well. Specifically, Teague.


[INDIANA 64, PURDUE 73] (3:42)

Eeeech. Indiana is letting this game get away from them. With the crowd at their back, Purdue just stole the ball and had a blocking foul called on a layup. They will go to the line to make it a double-digit game at the end of this time out.


[INDIANA 62, PURDUE 71] (5:05)

Rare call. Armon Bassett drives to the lane, called for a foul but made the basket. IU gets the two points, but Purdue gets to shoot free throws becauase they are in the penalty.

Kramer at the line. As my roommate just said “this guy looks like he is good at free throws.”

He is. He made both of them.


[INDIANA 60, PURDUE 66] (6:00)

David Teague. David Teague. David Teague. 28 points — six 3-pointers. This guy is playing like Jonathan Bender in practice.

But the Hoosiers came back down and made a basket, got an offensive foul called on defense and now Bassett jsut made two free throws.

Calloway has ice on his shoulder on the bench and is looking like he is on a lot of pain. I would guess he is out for the rest of the game.


[INDIANA 54, PURDUE 60] (8:19)

I know this might sound like crazy talk, but after wearing a shirt under his jersey for most of his IU career do you think D.J. White would gain some speed if he lost the shirt next game? It’d be like when a swimmer shaves their body before the state meet or something. There is no way this would slow him down. Just throwing it out there.

Purdue keeps making big baskets. Not to give two shout outs in one blog, but my friend Doak wonders what the Big Ten record is for “and-ones” in a game.


[INDIANA 52, PURDUE 51] (11:19)

Rod Wilmont just hit a mid-range jumper to put IU back in the lead after Purdue momentarily took it over.

Just so you know, the WTTV commentarors just used the expression “see-saw” twice in 30 seconds. It reminds me of the Super Bowl last year when John Madden said Alan Faneca’s name eight times in one sentance. This should be in the YouTube Hall of Fame somewhere.


[INDIANA 50, PURDUE 49] (12:45)

Armon Bassett just made the Rod Wilmont Shot! For those not familiar, the Rod Wilmont Shot is a pull-up 3 on a fast break. This shot literally kills a little piece of me everytime I witness it — miss or make.

Xavier Keeling is coming in for the first time.


[INDIANA 47, PURDUE 48] (13:29)

It seems everytime the Hoosiers have made a run, David Teague capitalizes it with a 3. A.J. Ratliff has hit two 3s this half and is one reason the Hoosiers are making run. Indiana is really a different team with Ratliff is feeling it.

I wonder why Purdue isn’t double-teaming White yet. Landry hasn’t been doing a bad job on them, but I’d make someone else show something if I were Purdue.

My friend Doak just said, “nice call on Xavier starting. Genius!”

I don’t think Keeling has even made it out on the court.


[INDIANA 40, PURDUE 45] (15:52)

Armon Bassett is really mixing things up on offense for the Hoosiers. Due to his ball-handling ability, Bassett has been able to penetrate all night.


[INDIANA 35, PURDUE 36] (17:16)

I made it to the IU Library and back before the second half started. I was going at an Earl Calloway pace.

The Hoosiers have done a really good job of working the ball to D.J. White so far. I remember a couple of games back when Sampson told the media that he specifically told his team not to shoot 3s and to pass the ball to D.J. in the post every possesion out of the half. With the way White is playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sampson said something similar tonight.

White has 19 points.



Calloway made a runner with three seconds left to pull the Hoosiers within two…

Overall, the Hoosiers played a decent half. Indiana has hard a tough time containing David Teague and winning the battle on the boards. Part of the reason is because D.J. White is often the only guy on the court over 6-foot-3.

White has been carrying the Hoosiers, being their entire defensive presence and scoring 16 points and pulling down five rebounds. Bassett has also played well this half, despite missing a few relatively easy layups.


[INDIANA 26, PURDUE 28] (4:25)

The Hoosiers are making a nice run to close this half. They’ve taken the Purdue crowd out of it and seemed to have returned David Teague to planet Earth. Wilmont just made two free throws to make a two point game.


[INDIANA 24, PURDUE 28] (5:12)

Tough offensive foul call on Joey Shaw. Could have easily been an “and-one” – instead Boilermaker ball.

The Hoosiers have no one inside besides White. I understand that the Hoosier’s talent is located mostly at the guard positions, but don’t you have to throw in at least a second big body? Does Joey Shaw count?

I think IU has to play White with other Mike White, Keeling, or Allen at least some. Four-guard lineups are rare for a reason.


[INDIANA 17, PURDUE 26] (7:48)

That’s what I’m talking about! D.J. White versus Chris Kramer. They just got into a jump-ball fight, and D.J. started throwing elblows like Dikembe Mutumbo.

Wow! Kramer just tagged in Matt Painter and White tagged in Calloway! Someone just threw a chair…

Okay, fine, they actually shook hands and made up almsot instantly. I had a WWF fantasy for a second.


[INDIANA 15, PURDUE 23] (10:27)

Out of a timeout D.J. White just threw down one of those “oh, snap” dunks. I hope you know what I mean. He was fouled and able to convert on the free throw, his second such play tonight.

A.J. Ratliff just blocked a David Teague jumper. Thanks.

Mike White is in the game. By the way, “Mike White is in the game” is my favorite phrase in the English language. I could be watching Dutch minor league basketball, but if Mike White entered the game the Dutch would have my full undivided attention.


[INDIANA 12, PURDUE 23] (12:22)
David Teague is killing the Hoosiers. He already has three 3 pointers in the first eight minutes of this game. He made his threes over Rod Wilmont, Errek Suhr, and Joey Shaw. He’s 6-foot-5 so the Hoosiers need to put someone with some size on him — possibly A.J. Ratliff?

Indiana has missed three or four layups tonight already.


[INDIANA 15, PURDUE 8] (14:07)

The Boilermakers just went on a 7-0 run by simply outrunning the Hoosiers. You would think since Indiana starts four guards that they wouldn’t get beat up and down the court. Purdue has started off the night with some hot shooting going 5-8 from the field.

Errek Suhr and Joey Shaw just checked into the game.

Gene Keady is in the crowd tonight! Ladies and gentleman! Remarkably, Keady’s comb-over looks fuller than ever. Maybe retirement has found less stressful days for the ol’ Boilermaker coach. That or Rogaine.


[INDIANA 6, PURDUE 4] (17:38)

Speaking of ankles, Chris Kramer just went to Purdue’s locker room with what looks like a sprained ankle. On a related note, I sprained my ankle playing basketball last spring break. Except mine came at the SRSC and not Mackey Arena.

After a Wilmont three, D.J. White just made a basket and drew a foul. He made the free throw.


Just learned that Lance Stemler is out tonight with a bum ankle. Although his shooting woes have hurt the Hoosiers of late, Stemler plays a large role in the Hoosier’s rotation. Look for Xavier Keeling, A.J. Ratliff and Mike White to make up some of those minutes.

Also, A.J. Ratliff is starting in place of Stemler.


Intern here, blogging from my warm couch on Bloomington’s east side. Doug and Chris are up in West Lafayette covering the game, while I settle for my roommate’s large HDTV. Personally, I’ve been to Lafayette before…I think I’m the winner here.

As most of you know by now, this game was supposed to have gone on last night, but due to Cupid’s Blizzard, the game was suspended till tonight.

Tip-off is in about 30 minutes. I’d expect that the Hoosiers will start D. White, Calloway, Bassett, Wilmont and a mystery fifth. I gamble compulsively, so I’ll bet 10 grand that Xavier Keeling makes his second start in a row.


  1. Dolly,

    If you’re able to bet ten grand on Sampson starting a rarely used freshman on the road against a heated rival, we’re paying you way too much. Or, you’re a drug dealer. Which I suspected the first time I met you.

    Anyway, they’ve given away yellow pompoms here in West Lafayette, so expect to see that all over your big fancy HDTV.

    The snow here is astounding. There are dozens of cars snowed in, surrounded by a few feet of snow.

    I’ll be checking in with comments throughout the game. Talk to you then.


  2. CB, you’re getting soft. You should have made intern do the driving. Who will run to get you a fresh beverage? Not the way to train interns.

  3. Freshman guard Chris Kramer has left the floor for Purdue. He went to the locker room and was limping, although I couldn’t really tell which leg was bothering him.

  4. We can’t take the intern on all our time-consuming trips. He has business to take care of back in Bloomington, such as his studies. Academics are very important.

    Looks like Errek Suhr has a new haircut. He’s rocking the tight buzz cut.

    Oh, and there’s basketball going on. Indiana’s having trouble handling Crump.

  5. I’m no college basketball coach — you can look at my fairly lame car if you want proof — but I’m pretty sure it’s a very bad thing that A.J. Ratliff already has three fouls. He’s the one guy doing a good job on Teague.

  6. At one point Purdue was shooting almost 75 percent from the field. They’ve cooled and are now at 50 percent. Indiana has tightened up defensively by taking a few more risks. Armon Bassett and Earl Calloway are buzzing around pressuring and getting steals.

    Offensively, D.J. White appears to be the only thing working right now. Bassett knocked down that first 3-pointer with a lot of confidence but hasn’t had many open looks since then.

  7. Fine job you’re doing, Intern.

    White has been solid defensively and has six defensive rebounds already.

    But I’d say the key to Indiana’s improved defense over the second half of that first half was the aggression and speed of Armon Bassett (3 steals) and Earl Calloway (2 steals).

    Sampson set them loose becuase often the guy they’re guarding isn’t a real threat to score. If the ball is constantly going to go to either Teague or Landry, why not free up somebody to try to stop it from getting there?

  8. White needs help. He’s got almost half of the Hoosiers’ points. Most likely to step up, from what we’ve seen here so far, is Armon Bassett. He’s fearless.

  9. It was Keeling’s high screen that allowed Wilmont to hit that basket. He created space up top for Bassett to move through, and then Wilmont squirted free for an open look.

  10. There’s a time to just let the guy get his basket and there’s a time to try to hack his arm in half as he gets it.

    That play was one where Wilmont should have just chosen the former.

  11. Watching Armon Bassett this summer, I thought he could be a special player. Not so much because of his physical skills, but because of his poise and creativity.

    But I thought those two traits would take a long time to completely evolve to the point that they were effective in a conference like the Big Ten.

    But more and more, Bassett is the guy getting the ball in key situations.

  12. I hate to say it but Sampson was out coached in this one by that wimpy complainer Painter. IU has to have more offense than just trying to go to DJ or driving the basket. With no outside shooting being attempted, IU becomes a very easy team to defend — make steals against, block shots, take charges. Hats off to PU — they played well (gag).

  13. Did Purdue Fans rush the court after this game Chris.
    ESPN+ cut away to quickly so you could not tell what celebration hppened afterwards.

  14. Greg,

    No rushing the court, but Purdue’s players did go over and spend a couple of minutes celebrating in front of Purdue’s student section, “The Paint Crew.”

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