Is Indiana now on the bubble?

Though there’s no such official number, we all know that 20 wins appears to be the magic mark for teams in big conferences who hope to get into the NCAA Tournament.

For Indiana to reach 20 wins, it will have to win its two remaining home games — against Minnesota and Penn State — and get at least one win on the road at Michigan, Michigan State or Northwestern.

With Lance Stemler (ankle) and Earl Calloway (shoulder) out for any significant amount of time, accomplishing the above becomes much, much more difficult.

Will Indiana make it to 20 wins? And if they only gets to 20 wins, are the Hoosiers in?

Discuss this situation, in no more than 500 words, using Times New Roman font and double-spaced paragraphs. Blend information from outside sources with your own thoughts and insights to produce the most compelling argument. This paper is due by 5 p.m. today.


  1. I think we are in trouble if Calloway and Stemler can’t go. I know a lot of people have been giving Stemler the Sean Kline treatment, but he is our only capable big guy outside of DJ of doing anything on the defensive end.

    Without those two guys, Michigan will be tough as they are a big big team. Michigan State is always a loss, and NW always gives us all kinds of problems.

    We have looked good so far due to our schedule, but it appears now we will fall back to the pack where we probably belong anyway.

    I give us a 65% shot at making the tourney at this point.

  2. I think that we’ll win the remaining home games and that will be enough to get into the tournament however, I don’t think the coaches will play the right players for us to make any noise in the tournament.

    After the sorry performance at Purdue, I don’t believe that the players are at fault, this is a coaching issue. You can’t blame the players when some of them are playing too many minutes to maintain the defensive intensity that we need. Rotating fresh bodies is an absolute necessity to maintaining defensive intensity.

    Starting with offensive fundamentals might be a good start. When DJ or other players set a screen, the guards and forwards need to recognize what to do with the ball instead of running away from the screen and mindlessly dribbling like they’ve never played the game before.

    I expected much better from this coaching staff and I’m very disappointed. Recruiting great players will not solve this problem, if the coaches don’t teach them how to play as a team, we’ll still be losing close games against teams we should beat.

  3. Excuse me but recruiting great players means EVERYTHING ! They score the basketball , they rebound , they play defense . Ask any coach what he has to have to be successful and I think that he may say no matter what kind of job he does , every coach needs the players to to reach championship heights and the great players do make it a tad easier .

  4. If Stemler and Calloway are out, but can return, then the committee may take that into consideration if we struggle while they are out. Although Armon has had his moments, you can’t just take out your starting 1 and 4 and expect the same results.

    One thing seems certain–whether he’s ready or not, we’re going to see some Ben Allen against Michigan.

    Sampson notes often that this is a team that has its weaknesses, and those weaknesses are not going to be solved this season. You take what you’ve got and try to be as good a you can be. That should have been the reasonable expectation this year, but when we got the good B10 start and people started wondering whether we maybe had a shot at the 2-spot . . . sorry, we’re just not there this year. Let’s keep our heads about us that if we can secure 3rd place in the B10 that is as good as or better than anybody thought we were going to do this year.

    And UM is going to be tough up there, with our injuries, and their height. Hopefully this team is going to be ready to play, have their heads in the game.

  5. Is Indiana in the tournament with only 20 wins? Do you guys just get bored with the level of posting here and try to incite angry responses? I can try that: “Was Anna Nicole Smith a talentless hillbilly?”

    Is Indiana in the tournament with only 20 wins. Yes! Ever heard of the RPI? Indiana is still 17th and losses at Michigan and Michigan State are not going to drop Indiana much lower than 30th. Road losses to reasonable teams are not going to have much impact. Neither do home wins.

    If Indiana loses either of the home games or the road game vs. Northwestern, we can start the bubble talk.

  6. Hey
    Dont make excuses for the lose at Purdue. Purdue was the better team that night and probraly for the rest of the year. Give to Matt Painter and Purdue because I’m scared to face them right now and in the futer. I think Purdue will make the tourney, and maybe win one game.
    As for the Hoosiers if they lose tomorow at MIchigan. They are in a deep hole. if they cant win at michigan they wont win at MSU. Now maybe NW, but NW allways gets a big upset at home every year. it is going to be tough for the Hoosiers to make, but I hope that IU and Purdue can both make it.

  7. In early games Stemler played very well; Shaw and Keeling also have shown considerable promise, and in a couple of games he was outstanding. Three-fourths of the way through the season they are practically worthless. Why? Ratliff occasionally plays like a world beater; most of the time he disappears. Why? Going into the Purdue game it was obvious that Landry and Teague had to be controlled; despite Sampson’s strong emphasis on defense, IU allowed the two Purdue stars to score 54 of their team’s 81 points. Why? IU can still make the NCAA tournament and do some damage. But they’ll have to put the pieces together in a hurry.

  8. IU will be in. We’ll get to 20 REGULAR SEASON WINS for the first time since who knows when. People need to remember the Big 10 tourney as well. I think we can, if healthy, make a serious run there. Right now, it is a matter of seeding. Go Hoosiers!!

  9. I’ll give IU a 95% chance of getting in. Worst case scenario is losses in all the road games and home wins over PSU and Minnesota (sorry, there’s no way IU loses those two at home). That means 19-10, 9-7 in Big Ten play. I honestly think that @Northwestern is a sure win as well, so 20 wins and 10-6 would definetly get IU in. With wins over Wisconsin and Southern Illinois (laugh if you wish, they’re #8 in the RPI this week), there’s no way IU will be left out as long as they have a winning conference record.

  10. Schultz
    They can be left out with a winning record if Purdue, Illinois, Michigan State all has 20 wins. Hey, Northwestern is a tough team to play on their home floor. That won’t be easy, and they have a lot of work to do. If they win today their in but if they lose to Michigan this afternoon in Ann Arbor; They might not make it, and Penn State remember went into Illinois last year and beat them. So watch out for Penn State at home. They are very dangerous.

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