Premiering tomorrow:

Our new Indiana sports web site — an extension of — will debut tomorrow as part of a larger re-design. Take a look if you get a chance and let us know what you think.

Here’s Doug’s column explaining the new site.

Just point your browser to Friday to check it out.


Our Hoosier sports coverage has a new home today on

That home is, where you can find the latest news on Indiana
sports, especially basketball and football, as well as feature stories,
audio, video and photo galleries.

Our goal is to provide the most complete, accurate, honest coverage of the
Hoosiers you’ll find anywhere.

We’ll have:

  • Current IU stories and columns, and breaking news updated day and night.
  • Audio and video of players, coaches and fans talking about each basketball and football game, and about questions the team faces.
  • The Hoosier Scoop blog, with daily updates, live game coverage and discussion.
  • In-depth basketball and football recruiting news.
  • An Photo galleries from the latest game or event. A link to our Hoosier Historia site, where you can reminisce by reading old articles about Indiana.

And we’ll keep it lively by sharing our opinions and asking for yours. We’ll
continue to have live Q&A sessions with readers every Wednesday at 11 a.m.
and you’ll also be able to leave your comments about any of our stories
starting Friday.

If you already visit HTO, hopefully you’ve noticed our breaking sports news
coverage. On the day of the game and whenever news hits, you can visit to get the latest information, to read our take on it and to
share yours.

Though some features are subscriber-only – most stories and columns – will have several free features.

Those freebies include the Hoosier Scoop, Q&As, photo galleries, an IU
sports calendar, statistics and schedules, audio, video and Hoosier
Historia. will continue to evolve as we figure out how best to serve
our readers in a rapidly changing media environment. I welcome your comments
and suggestions.

— Doug Wilson


  1. I tried the new URL and only got a green blank page that said “franklin webserver” on it.

  2. Fellas
    Can you guys see if you can run a more “user friendly” boxscore for games? One that would include minutes played?

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