Quadruple-double for Holman in third game back

After his game last night, you have to wonder if Eli Holman would be a Hoosier if he hadn’t been suspended.

Holman did a little bit of everything last night, finishing with 24 points, 12 rebounds, 10 blocks and 10 assists — a quadruple-double. In addition, Holman’s performance helped Richmond win, which is its third straight since his return, and fifth win in a row.


  1. Not quite…I was suggesting that if a kid puts up quadruple-doubles and triple doubles on a somewhat frequent basis every college coach in the country would be going after him.

    But since Eli had to sit out for 14 months…it looks like he is flyign under the radar all the way to the Bloomington Airport.

  2. Good point Matt. I’m glad he’s already signed, because if he hadn’t, there would probably be a rush on him.

  3. I wasn’t really excited about this guy. Yeah he put up great numbers, but is this what we should come to expect out of the Sampson-era. I like winning as the much as the next guy, but winning at all cost is not the Hoosier way.

  4. I am really excited about Eli. He might slip-up at IU and might be more likely to do so given his past. But he sounds like a kid who has had a rough childhood, made some mistakes, but has learned some lessons. He has made serious strides grade-wise. The adults around him have had a lot of praise for the efforts he has made over the last year, and the director of the CIF who reinstated him must have agreed. From hearing him talk, he sounds like a very articulate young man who is eager to benefit from Coach Sampson’s discipline.

    Given all of that, I think Sampson is doing the right thing in giving this kid a chance to get out of Richmond. He looks like a total stud on the court and should give us an inside presence to go with Gordon. Eli might be more likely to slip-up because of his past; but it sounds to me like he might be more likely to succeed at IU because of the lessons he has learned.

  5. I will give you that! Hopefully he will have a nice career here at IU. It is just if you were an outsider looking at the program right now you might shake your head. Sampson’s texting addiction, The Gordon controversy, now recruiting a kid who was suspended for shoving a ref. I agree he comes from a rough city, but I don’t care where you come from you know shoving a ref is wrong.

  6. Yes, he was wrong. You have to remember, one of the people fighting to get him back on the court was the official he shoved. That should speak volumes for his character, and the growing he has done since that incident. And using the name Chris Lawson? I hope you are not the same Chris Lawson who dominated for Bloomington South, went to IU, and couldn’t handle the pressure of big time College Basketball and had to transfer out to….where was it? Oh yeah, Vanderbilt. Where he went on to become……invisible!

  7. “My rule was I wouldn’t recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house. That’s not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk.”
    —Al McGuire

  8. “Most coaches have no idea how to define, defend, attract, integrate and manage talent. So recruiting generally exists for something that isn’t even there: the coach’s understanding of the value of talent.”

    Take it from me, Mike Davis…I’d love to have recruited Eli, but wouldn’t have had any clue what to do with him.

  9. Just looking at numbers right now doesn’t tell the entire story on Holman. I’m as excited as anyone about Eli coming to town, but let’s be serious…he’s not going to put up quadruple doubles in the big ten.

    I have questions about his weight and mindset. It’s great that he’s 6-9 or whatever, but he’s only listed around 195-200 lbs. That won’t cut it in the big ten. What type of frame does he have and will the meat stick to get him to 235-245 where he needs to be to play consistently at the next level? How long will it take him to get to that point? If calls go against him the way calls have gone against our beloved Hoosiers this year, how will he handle it upstairs?

    That previous Mike Davis post definitely hits home. How many 6-9 and up guys did he ever recruit (Lucas Steijn, Jessan Gray-Ashley, Cem Dinc – just to name a few) that he knew what to do with. MD never met a 6-footer he couldn’t turn into a power forward.

  10. Mike you make some really good points…and I think you’re most likely right. I think everyone gets excited when they see impressive high school stats, myself included.

    Is Eli’s quadruple-double impressive? Of course. But that doesn’t neccesarily translate to the next level.

    Does anyone remember Dajuan Wagner? He played his high school ball in New Jersey and scored 100 points in a game. He played a year at Memphis, drafted sixth overall in the NBA draft, and has been out of the league now for a couple of years.

    True, high school stats don’t equate to performance at the next level…but I think there is a difference between Holman and the three Davis recruits you mentioned. Those three seemed to think they were shooting guards trapped in a big man’s body — but from what I’ve heard, Holman knows his role. Just look at the blocks.

    Good stuff Mike P, thanks.

  11. Some people just cant give a compliment. So due to the fact that he made a mistake and atoned for it makes him unrecruitable. So is OJ Mayo a bad kid to. And btw he put these numbers up against the top 15 2008 post player, who reclassified and should be in EH grade. But I guess that doesnt matter right..wow:)

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