Sampson meets the press…

… and loves it, as usual. You’ll read about it in tomorrow’s paper, of course, and even be able to listen to it later, once we get the file uploaded.

Til then, a quick rundown of what went down as Sampson, D.J. White and Rod Wilmont discussed the upcoming Purdue game:

— Due to this nasty weather, Sampson wasn’t sure when the team would leave. After the press conference, it was decided that they would bus to Lafayette at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

— Also after the press conference, word surfaced that Purdue was considering postponing the game. See Doug Wilson’s update for more on that story.

— When asked about the incident with Earl Calloway and Purdue coach Matt Painter, Sampson said he considered it over after he had Calloway apologize. He also said that plenty of players had trash talked to him through the years, including Gary Payton.

— Sampson pointed out that Purdue has been playing well defensively lately, and that defense is their identity.

— About the first game between Indiana and Purdue, won 85-58 by the Hoosiers, Sampson said this: “I think the game here was obviously a fluke.”

— Sampson gave freshman Xavier Keeling his first start against Illinois to try to mix things up at the one position where his team has really struggled.

— Joey Shaw has seen limited playing time recently because he’s been getting into foul trouble. He needs to improve on defense.