Sampson press conference

I’ve got a little advice for anybody who runs into Kelvin Sampson — Don’t ask him if the Hoosiers learned anything from the poor performance they had at Illinois after a big win at Connecticut.

A reporter asked Sampson that Friday morning at a press conference at Assembly Hall and the question appeared to annoy the Hoosier coach. He said he focuses on what’s ahead, not past games, and wonders why everybody still has to ask about the Illinois game. He said Indiana has had one bad performance in 21 games and that’s the game reporters ask him about.

The point of the question, I think, wasn’t to dwell on the Illinois game, but rather to get Sampson’s thoughts on how you get a team to stay focused after an emotional win like Wednesday’s victory over Wisconsin. Sampson ultimately did answer that question, saying he stays the same every day, win or lose, so he expects his players to do that same. “I don’t ask them for autographs,” he said.

Sampson said the Hoosiers had a very good practice Thursday.

In talking about Saturday’s game at Iowa, Sampson said the Hawkeyes have been playing their best basketball of the season since their loss to the Hoosiers on Jan. 16. The Hawkeyes played a tough game against Wisconsin last weekend, Sampson said, but lost because they just couldn’t hit open shots that afternoon.

And Iowa looked very good in winning at Ann Arbor Tuesday night, Sampson said.

“You can see why they are a good team,” he said. “It’s going to be a tough game for anybody (in Iowa City).”

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