Sampson radio show, live blog

Sampson is now giving an update on next year’s class and how all those kids are doing. I prefer to get my recruiting news form Matt Dollinger, but hey, that’s just me.

Anyway, Eli Holman is a “sponge.” He calls Sampson each week and is very excited to get to Bloomington.

“Eric is, umm, pretty good.” That’s about Eric Gordon. Thanks, coach. Hadn’t heard that much.

JaMarcus Ellis, it turns out, goes by the name “Tone,” based on his middle name of Antonio.

Sampson just said: “It’s a tremendous recruiting class. Indiana fans should be really excited about our future.”


Sampson’s now discussing the process of making a schedule. The athletic director has final say, but IU’s guy, Rick Greenspan, likes to sit down and discuss the options. Sampson says that he tries to build a schedule based on his team and what level it is capable of playing at.

He’s balking at the idea of playing Louisville because the schedule in November and December is already so tough.


Interesting question from Craig in Hawaii. He asked Sampson if there’s a team out there now that is set up personnel-wise the way Sampson wants his team to eventually be set up.

Sampson, of course, opted not to answer the question because he says the current kids are trying hard and playing well. Too bad. Would have been an interesting conversation.

He is saying that in this league you need to have good size. Obviously the Hoosiers don’t. But you all knew that already.


Sampson is talking about Lance Stemler right now, and saying that he think Lance has changed a bit since he got his concussion earlier this year. He said Stemler’s still doing OK in the classroom but is struggling elsewhere. I don’t really know what to make of that.


Interesting stuff about Ben Allen. Sampson was happy that the big sophomore had a good game Saturday, but then he went on to say that Allen has had a tough semester in many ways, and that he may have finally decided that he likes basketball and wants to be dedicated to it.

Sampson says many kids complain of getting “tired” during the year.

“If you’re tired, then you don’t want to improve,” he said. “You don’t have the intestinal fortitude to become a better player.”


“This team can play with anyone in the Big Ten, and that includes Wisconsin and Ohio State.”

That from Kelvin Sampson. He’s talking now about how he needs players to have the courage to step up and make plays late on the road.


Kelvin Sampson is jumping right into the heavy basketball talk today. He arrived a bit late at the radio show because the team was having a great practice. He wanted to keep it going because D.J. White was playing so well.

Anyway, he’s talking about how difficult it was for Armon Bassett to run the point on Saturday against Michigan. It was the first time Bassett had to play poing guard that much on the road, and he was starting the offense further out than Calloway usually does.