Two weeks of intrigue . . .

You can never really get comfortable in the Big Ten — or any big conference, for that matter — but I’m guessing this Indiana team probably didn’t expect to face what’s shaping up to be a very harsh final two weeks.

The Hoosiers have two home games left, against two of the worst teams in the conference in Minnesota and Penn State. Even without a healthy Earl Calloway they should be able to handle those teams and finish the year unbeaten at home.

But the Hoosiers also have two away games, at Michigan State and Northwestern. That game in East Lansing will be extremely tough, and Indiana hasn’t won in Evanston in its last three tries.

So, what’s the real deal with Calloway’s shoulder? We’ve heard it’s dislocated, it’s seperated, it’s a sprain…etc. What we know for sure is that he absolutely did not use it at all on Saturday. He didn’t even use it to cheer.

Let’s say he’s able to lift it again today, and can raise it higher tomorrow and by Tuesday can take jump shots and he’s cleared to play Wednesday.

What happens when Minnesota begins screening him time and time again? Watch Calloway for a few series the next time he plays. He exerts so much energy trying to get around screens. Every team tries to bump him around.

Anyway, it’s almost March. Almost that time of year again, when college basketball takes over.

Are you ready? Are the Hoosiers?


  1. I think the Hoosiers are going to steady the ship and finish out 3-1. It helps that they’re playing the bottom feeders.

    As Mike Davis liked to say – ‘Help is on the way.’

    EG – 31ppg
    Eli Holman – of quadruple-double fame

    little known fact for next year’s new faces….
    Jamarcus Ellis – 15.5 ppg, 6.5 apg, 9 rpg, 2 spg with 5 triple-doubles for Chipola JC (26-1 record)

    People may think DeAndre Thomas of that team would provide inside presence in case DJ leaves after this year, but he’s only getting 6 rpg – along with 14 ppg

    Wednesday prediction – Hoosiers 79, Gophers 53

  2. I think they’ll win 3 of 4. Michigan State is so tough at
    home that we’d need a game like the Wisconsin game, and, of course, that was won at home.
    We just need to really support this team. They have come
    a long way and worked very hard.
    I wouldn’t start Stemler. He’s just not playing that well
    anymore, for whatever reason. It can’t be helping him
    not to feel he’s doing well, either.

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