Wednesday Q & A, 11 a.m. …

Doug and I will join you live from the car — a sweet gold Buick that the ladies flock to — while we ride to Chicago to cover the Northwestern game tomorrow morning.

Topics to discuss include, but are not limited to: Earl Calloway’s shoulder, the new football schedule, the merits of the film “The Departed,” whether or not we should fire our intern Matt, the 2008 presidential race, The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones, Kelvin Sampson’s in-game strategy, an in-depth comparison of Qdoba and Chipotle, my inability to be remotely funny and Terry Hoeppner, in general as a whole.

Click here to join us. We hope you will.


  1. First of all, don’t put down the company car, you unappreciative…

    Second, while I am insulted you would publically debate my job status, I am happy you are discussing it ahead of the next presidential race. Way to prioritize.

    Third, eh…Chipotle.

  2. Hey guys…..have a great trip. Bring home a victory. There seems to be confuson over who the incoming basketball recruits are. Could you give us a current list? There seems to be more recruits than scholarships available. Also, how about some updated info on the computer ratings. Thanks and stay out of trouble in the windy city.

  3. Chuck:

    The recruits coming in next season:
    Eric Gordon — guard — North Central HS
    Jordan Crawford — guard — Hargrave Military Academy
    *Jamarcus Ellis — guard — Chipola College
    Brandon McGee — forward — Crane
    Eli Holman — center — Richmond HS
    *DeAndre Thomas — forward — Chipola

    * = junior college transfer.

    All of the above players have scholarships for next season, with the exception of DeAndre Thomas. Thomas has told me on numerous occasions that he is coming to IU next year, and hasn’t heard anything about a scholarship conflict.

    For this to be true, that means either a player on IU’s current squad will leave for the NBA or transfer. As for as that matter goes, I have no idea.

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