YouTube video of Holman dunk

Lonnie Coleman pointed me towards Eli Holman’s dunk from last weekend that is now on YouTube. I’d advise that people with a history of heart disease and people who are pregnant watch this video sitting down.

I’m not sure how many Mizzou fans we have here (none is a good guess), but the dunk reminds me of the one Keyon Dooling threw down on Kansas a couple years ago. If you haven’t seen that dunk, you should probably YouTube it as well. In fact, just set aside an hour later to watch dunks on YouTube. Specifically, anything that is a montage.

Here is the link. Enjoy.

(Eli is No. 32 — after his dunk they show one of his teammate Wendell McKines who is No. 31)

Also, Coleman told me that he measured Eli the other day: Eli is officially 6’9″ and 7/8 inches and his wingspan is 7’5″.


  1. i’m sure this dunk is mighty impressive, however, my work has youtube access blocked…any way the mpg (avi,wav,etc) can get posted to the blog for this?

    i’m in chicago and have ticket to wednesday’s game…snow emergency or not in lafayette, i’m still making the trip…anyone have a chopper available to come pick me up, lol?

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