A few Thursday notes…

I’ve got 20 minutes before my Geography lab. I’m going to try and cover more ground than Jamaal Tinsley driving away from the 8 Second Saloon, so hold on for the ride.

• Brandon McGee and his Crane took down archrival Lincoln Park Tuesday night, 54-52.

• Jai Lucas recently announced his top four schools… and Indiana wasn’t one of them.

• Some Eli Holman e-mail highlights:

Holman and Richmond play Menlo-Atheron at home tonight. It is there first home game in the North Coast Section tournament so far. Holman said he is expecting his home gym to be “packed.”

‘E’ didn’t sound very optimistic when I asked him about playing in all-star games this summer:

“I don’t know of any All Star games I will be playing in. I hope I will playin’ some, but I understand the politics that goes into those selections.”

I can’t remember if I put this in the column or not, but this was by far my favorite quote:

“My goal is to come in and start, but their are guys already in the program that are going to be fighting for minutes too. Its competitive, but in the long term if it helps the team, whatever role I have to play is fine by me.”

• I wasn’t invited to IU’s inaugural basketball awards banquet, but here are the awards I would have given out if I had been:

• Best actor/s in a silent screen play: IU’s assistant coaches.

• Andre Owens Lifetime Achievement Award: Joey Shaw. Remember when Owens played for IU? He had a decent freshman year (at best), transferred to Houston, and then somehow ended up in the NBA. I remember seeing Owens’s name in a NBA summer league box score and being flat-out shocked. I would hate to see Shaw leave, but he has some interesting similarities with Owens.

•The Rick Ross Award: Mike White. You might not get this if “rap” is synonymous in your head with “evil” – but Mike White and Rick Ross were created from the same cloth.

Mike White was introduced to Hoosier fans with Rick Ross playing in the background. Literally, at Hoosier Hysteria. I remember not knowing a lot about White, then seeing him come out of the tunnel with Ross’s “Push it to the Limit” blaring out of Assembly Hall’s speaker system. From that moment on, I knew White would win this award. Please, go download some Rick Ross, you’ll thank me.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll update everyone this weekend
with the recruit’s play in postseason action. Sayonara.


  1. I don’t know anything (ha, ha)…Andre’s transfer was unexpected…nobody saw it coming…there have been no indications of Shaw leaving either.

    More of a joke than speculation.

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