A few Thursday recruiting notes…

This has nothing to do with the Hoosiers (that is a great way to start a sentence), but I have to vent about OJ Mayo’s “performance.”

I’ve seen more class out of Saturdays. This is a guy who decided to go to USC so he wouldn’t have to live in anyone elses shadow and so he’d be able to market himself before he reaches the NBA. I hate to be graphic, but I just vomited in my mouth.

Okay, back to Hoosier news.

Detailed statistics weren’t available for Chipola’s first round victory Tuesday night when we went to press. Here are Jamarcus Ellis and DeAndre Thomas’s stat lines from their first game in the NCJAA tournament:

Ellis: 24 points (8-14 shooting and 8-11 from the line), 13 rebounds and six assists.

Thomas: 4 points (2-4 shooting), two rebounds and five fouls.

The most intriguing aspect of Ellis’s stat line is he didn’t attempt a single 3. It will be a nice change of pace to have a guard next year who is a great scorer and doesn’t depend on the trey ball.

After falling into foul trouble early in the first game, Thomas played much better in his second game like he said he would, and Chipola cruised to victory, 78-59.

Ellis followed up his double-double in the first game with 18 points, six rebounds and five assists. Thomas managed to stay on the court for 26 minutes (only three fouls) and had 14 points and nine rebounds.

I’m working to try and figure out how Thomas will fit in with the Hoosiers next year. I’ve heard a couple of rumors, but haven’t stumbled upon anything concrete yet. When I talked to Thomas Tuesday night he did say he was enrolled in classes already, and I believe he isn’t a contingency plan like some say he is.

Can I tell you where the scholarship is coming from? No. Do I think Thomas is coming? Yes.

On another note, besides whose scholarship he’ll take, I’ve also been asked a lot about Thomas’s weight. When I first talked to him, he said he was over 300 but was working hard to shed the extra pounds. I doubt that significance progress will be made until the Chicago native arrives in Bloomington. Once he is here, and under the guidance of IU’s training staff, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he loses anywhere from 15-30 pounds before Hoosier Hysteria.

On another note as a reminder, Eric Gordon will be playing Saturday night at Conseco Fieldhouse in the IHSAA State Tournament. The 4A game begins after the 3A game – which starts at 6 pm.

I have tickets to the Pacers/Bulls game Sunday afternoon and I’m hoping Gordon sticks around the Fieldhouse and suits up for the blue and gold. They could use him.


  1. I find this whole DeAndre Thomas thing hilarious. So now he’s enrolled in classes? It appears the kid and Coach Sampson know something we don’t.

    Nevertheless, I’ll welcome him with open arms. Can he play in the recruit games too???

  2. My litter brother’s boyfriend’s sister told me that DJ told his uncle’s best friend that he is thinking about his options for next year.

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