A few Thursday recruiting notes

There was a lot of action outside of Evanston last night for the Hoosiers.

IU recruits Eli Holman and Eric Gordon both played last night (not on the same team, that’s next year), and both came up victorious.

Here is the run down…I’m in between classes right now, but some things just can’t wait.

Holman had his worst game of the season last night, but Richmond was still able to prevail in the second round of the North Coast Section playoffs. Richmond defeated Eureka last night, 54-51.

Holman finished the game with only 10 points. But to put Holman’s game in perspective, his teammate, Wendell McKines, who averages almost 40 points a game, was held to 12.

Richmond’s next game will be Saturday night, when they take on the defending champions, Montgomery-Santa Rosa. The two teams met in last year’s final, but Holman missed the game due to his suspension.

Hoosier Scoop favorite Lonnie Coleman has come under fire lately after getting into an altercation with McKines in practice last week. Coleman, who is an assistant for Richmond and Holman’s mentor, told me stood up to McKines after the forward wouldn’t stop running his mouth in practice. Apparently, McKines has been pulling similar stunts all season, and his incident in practice last week was the culmination of his bad behavior.

I know Coleman and Holman are very close, so when I was exchanging e-mails back and forth with Coleman this week I asked if the ongoing argument has turned into a distraction.

“’E’ is handling it well,” Coleman said in e-mail. “He I just frustrated that one player is allowed to control everything.”

Like Holman, Eric Gordon had a less than stellar game last night, but his team was able to win its sectional opener, 66-59 over Carmel.

The future Mr. Basketball managed only half of his points average, scoring an economic 15 points in the game. It was the first time Gordon hadn’t led North Central in scoring all season. That award went to 6-foot-8 senior Adnan Hodzic, who had 22.

North Central resumes action Friday night when they play Noblesville at 7:30 p.m.


  1. What’s the deal with Hodzic? Any chances the Hoosiers will pursue him? I’d love to see either Adnan or Chad Sutor paired up with Eric Gordon in the future. I think they would probably dominate the Big Ten Conference.

  2. Why stop at just the conference? You don’t think that trio could make a run at the NCAA title?

  3. In fact Matt (and Chris and Doug for that matter), you should go to Shelbyville Saturday night to see Chad Sutor and the Panthers go for the Sectional crown, instead of attending Senior Night at the Hall. That’d be some real journalism!

  4. Chad Sutor for Mr. Basketball!!!!

    So, going to Shelbyville to cover South in front of 500 people would serve the paper better than covering IU in front of 17,000 and a TV audience? Someone needs to go to journalism school. Besides, Rex Kirts will be covering the game anyway.

  5. South will probably win, but it doesn’t matter…they have no chance at winning a state title. They would get blown out by the Bloomington North Cougar teams of the late 90s-early 00s. Now that was basketball.

  6. All that talent and only one state title. Now that was some basketball. Wait, I think Sean May just missed another 3. Oops, Jared just got schooled by Zach Randolph. Where’s the Reeds when I need them?

  7. That last single class state championship sure would have been nice. Oh well…hopefully Sutor and Co. can grab me a sectional title…at least I have some of those. If not, I’ll just recruit some players for next year. I’m sure Mr. Adams can bring in someone for me.

    Oops, Jason Gardner just lit us up and denied our only chance ever at a state title. Aw…darn.

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