Alford may bolt Iowa…

According to Andy Katz, Steve Alford may soon become the coach at New Mexico.

Click here to read what Katz is reporting.

Does this make any sense?

A bigger contract, possibly. A better chance to win consistently in a weaker league, probably. But on the whole?

According to Katz, Alford is looking for a basketball-first school and to escape some of the scrutiny he’s faced at Iowa.



  1. This just shows how good of a coach Alford really is. He just doesn’t have the track record to be considered for an IU or UK job. He’ll win plenty at UNM, but he’s really not a big time coach.

  2. Sounds to me like he’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than toil in mediocrity in a high-major conference.

    I’ll always remember the Alford years (as a player) with good memories, but frankly, I’m glad Indiana no longer has to play that guy, or think about him Great player, overrated coach, huge ego.

  3. Do the names Lute Olsen, George Raveling, and Tom Davis mean anything? Iowa will never be a basketball-first school and Alford is figuring that out. He should go to UNM — he’ll have more success there. The guy can coach. He’s proved that at Iowa with the players he’s been able to get. Best wishes to him.

  4. It’s pretty obvious that Bobby helped him get the NM job.
    Frankly, I somehow never knew how many people thought
    Steve was so arrogant and cocky until this came up. He
    may have had reason to be when he played for IU, but not
    now. I’m sorry to learn that he’s not the nice guy I thought
    he was.

  5. Why is it obvious Knight helped Alford get the NM job? Steve’s record as a head coach is solid. Not great, or exceptional, but solid. His first job at Manchester he was 78-29 (.729), his next job at South West Missouri State he was 78-48 (.619). At Iowa, Alford has had a decent record of 152-105 (.591) in 8 years. The previous 8 years seen a 159-88 (.644) record. A little better, but not much. So in 15 years of coaching, he has compiled a 308-182 (.629) coaching record. With half that time spent in the Big Ten, which is one of the best conferences in the nation.

    I look at the numbers Steve has had in his carrer, and it is obvious to me he was more than qualified for the University of New Mexico, without help from Coach Knight, or anyone else.

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