Answers to your questions for E.J.

Six of you wrote back with questions for Eric Gordon. I managed to get most of them answered during an hour-long interview at Freedom Hall in Louisville. Keep reading.

Skiptomylou asked: eric do you feel you are better than oj mayo or derrick rose and also what do you think you could improve on in your game?

Both Gordon and Derrick Rose deferred when asked this question, choosing instead to mutter something about how many great players were there. Not only are these two diplomatic, they’re simply not trash-talkers.

The official McDonald’s Media Guide makes a bold statement, though. The first line of Gordon’s bio reads: “Eric is generally regarded as the best point guard and overall player in this year’s class.” Even at an event that gathers the best of the best, Gordon is considered exceptional.

Eric said he’d like to improve on his mid-range game. He’d like to be able to score more on pull ups and not just shoot the 3 or take it to the rim.

Josh asked: “EJ, do you talk with current players on IU’s team? Do you think DJ is going pro? Finally, do you talk to IU commits in next year’s class like Jamarcus Ellis? How do you think you’ll perform as a class?”

Predictably enough, Gordon said he is closest with A.J. Ratliff, who is also a North Central kid. He’s only talked to D.J. White a few times and isn’t sure what decision White will make about the NBA. Gordon thinks it will be a tough decision.

Gordon has spoken with Ellis just once, but said they were excited to speak to each other. He speaks with Eli Holman a little more frequently. For the most part, his future teammates are unknowns to him, though. He hasn’t had much experience playing with or against them.

Lori asked: “Have you seen the “got gordon?” t-shirts? Do you own one?”

My bad, Lori. I forgot to ask your question. But I’ll say this: if Gordon wore a got Gordon shirt, it would rip a hole in the space-time continuum and doom us all.

John asked: “If Calipari or Gillispie takes the UK job….can you hit the recruiting trail and reel in D.Rose or Deandre Jordan. If not, no worries, I’m more than happy with the recruiting class that is on the way. Thanks.”

Gordon said he never really tried to pressure Rose into considering attending Indiana, but did suggest Rose give the school a look. Those two are still buddies after playing a few AAU games together this summer.

Rose himself said he knew Calipari wasn’t going to take the Kentucky job because he never heard from him.

“He would have called me or texted me,” Rose said. “If he took it, we’d be fighting. I don’t want to go through that recruiting stuff again. It’s tough.”

Chris asked: ” What team are you most looking forward to playing next year? And what number will you try to be at IU?”

Didn’t really get a great answer to this one, but how about this quote: “I feel like I’ll probably be treated like a prisoner there. Like I’m wanted or something. I’m not looking forward to it.”

That’s Gordon’s take on playing at Illinois. He clearly knows what’s coming.

Gordon also said he watched more college basketball this year than ever before. He didn’t miss any IU games and saw the rest of the Big Ten teams play at least once on television.

Ken wrote: “Eric, here is a tough question. How many years do you think you will stay in college before going pro?”

Ken, I actually didn’t see your question until after I talked to Gordon, so I didn’t ask him that directly. He did say that he would have at least considered entering the NBA Draft this year if it were still an option, and also said that the talk among all the guys at McDonald’s is about being “one-and-done” at the college level. Clearly, guys still want to get to the pros as quickly as possible. Gordon said he thought at least 10 of the guys in Louisville were capable of making the jump to that association now.

More on Gordon to come . . .


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