Gonzaga vs. Indiana, live updates from Sacramento

FINAL Indiana 70, Gonzaga 57.

Intern, here. I´m blogging from Mexico on a Spanish keyboard which is surprisingly confusing. That and the fact that Jose Cuervo and I had a fight earlier today, so take it easy on me.

Good news is I was able to watch the game from a bar known as the French Quarter, and was able to see the Hoosiers glide to victory.

Rod Wilmont dominated the first half and finished with 22 points and seven rebounds. On his way to scoring 22 points the senior hit six 3s.

D.J. White also had a big game, finishing with 16 points and 11 rebounds. I was particularly impressed with White tonight. Something about when he wears the cutoff t-shirt, its as if he is a different player. Slimmer, quicker, faster. This could be the ¨Hurricane¨ talking.

Most importantly, the Hoosiers held the Zags to only 33 percent shooting from the field. They held the combination of Jeremy Pargo and Derek Raivio to only 19 points.

The Hoosiers now advance to play UCLA on Saturday…with the time to be announced. I´ll still be in Mexico, but I´ll catch the game for sure. Hasta luego.


6:26, second half: Indiana 55, Gonzaga 43

Can’t imagine a much better defensive effort for Indiana. It’s just there for each shot. A very mature effort from a group that hasn’t put together many efforts this consistent for an entire game away from Assembly Hall.


11:22, second half: Indiana 45, Gonzaga 39

Raivio’s getting pesky again. He dished out to Pendergraft for that open shot and was just fouled under the basket. He can change a game quickly.


14:58, second half: Indiana 43, Gonzaga 35

Off night for Calloway. He’s not in the flow of the offense and Bassett is handling a lot of that. It’s taking a toll on him trying to handle Raivio. Right now, he’s going with instincts and just using his quickness to make plays where he can. It’s up to Bassett, the freshman, to control the pace.


15:46, second half: Indiana 43, Gonzaga 35

D.J. White’s big block on Bouldin led to a rush the other way and an easy two points as Indiana has come out strong to open the second half. Raivio’s been shut down so far, so a lot of credit goes to Calloway.


Half: Indiana 34, Gonzaga 29

Wilmont with a mid-range jumper on Indiana’s last possession to give the Hoosiers a five-point lead.

Indiana shot 7-of-18 from 3-point to score 21 of its points that way. Just five field goals so far, with D.J. White only able to get one. He does lead all players with five rebounds, though.
Lance Stemler took and missed a 3-pointer late in a possession but didn’t sulk as it rimmed out. Rod Wilmont dove out of bounds and saved it into a crowd of Bulldogs. But somehow Stemler timed his streak into the paint at the right time and caught the pass. He scooped it in for a basket.


3:12, first half: Indiana 30, Gonzaga 27

D.J. White finally gets a basket on a good put back effort. He’s had a few open shots but hasn’t hit. Gonzaga is monstering him with both of their posts and he’s just not comfortable making a quick decisive move to counter that.


7:55, first half: Indiana 20, Gonzaga 17

Indiana is a bit uninspiring when under the basket. Guys like Mike White, who should be able to muscle it in, are just a bit too small. Guys like Joey Shaw, who should have a little spice and funk, don’t. Shaw took a few steps along the baseline and went up, all elbows and wrists. Raivio just waited for him and grabbed the ball, forcing a jump ball.


8:13, first half: Indiana 20, Gonzaga 17

First of all, be sure to check the comments section of the blog for Doug Wilson’s take on the game.

Raivio’s started to assert himself a bit. He’s a little like Wilmont in that he needs to get some shots up — even terrible ones — before he really feels comfortable. He took an absolutely absurd shot while sprinting from right to left and trying to turn quickly. Since then, though, he’s knocked down a 3-pointer and just got past Mike White for a lay in.


11:36, first half: Indiana 17, Gonzaga 12

Five 3-pointers so far for the Hoosiers, putting them on pace for 20. They set their tournament best last year against the Bulldogs with 16.

Wilmont has hit three 3-pointers.

Hutch, the Indy Star beat writer, just leaned over and said that the Hoosiers are 11-2 when Wilmont hits at least three.

He also pointed out that when Armon Bassett hit his first two free throws of the game, Indiana matched its total at the line from last year.

That Hutch, he’s just full of info.


15:45, first half: Gonzaga 7, Indiana 6

Wilmont, of course, with the first couple of baskets, both distant 3-pointers from the left wing. The second one took a tasty hop off the front of the rim and then off the glass before falling.

Mallon has a pretty impressive game for a 6-9 guy. He took White to the hole and also hit a 3-pointer.

The Bulldog, by the way, is a heckuva dancer. Gotta give him that much.


So Duke has lost. No big surprise there, I suppose.

Anyway, I just had my first assist of the year. A ball came flying — OK, bouncing — toward by seat court side and I grabbed it and made an impressive pass to Adam Ahlfeld for a big-time dunk.

Indiana’s going with Armon Bassett, Rod Wilmont, Earl Calloway, Mike White and D.J. White tonight.

Gonzaga will put Jeremy Pargo, Derek Raivio, Matt Bouldin, Abdullah Kuso and Sean Mallon on the floor.


The clock is ticking down and showing just about 10 minutes left for each team to warm up here at Arco Arena.

About the only observation I have about the whole thing is that they have these two adorable little kids under the baskets grabbing rebounds.


  1. Early impression – this is looking like last year’s game where Gonzaga was better at getting the ball inside and Indiana depended on 3s. No big surprise there.

  2. The good news offensively for Indiana so far – Wilmont and Ratliff are both hitting their shots and looking very confident. The bad – Calloway is really struggling and D.J. hasn’t been much of a factor.

    Defensively, the Hoosiers are doing a good job of making Gonzaga take difficult shots. The last several trips down the floor, the Bulldogs have forced up off-balance attempts.

  3. So as I watch this game from my dorm room in Arizona, I can’t help but be disappointed in Stemler. He sometimes makes heady plays, like when he took that rebound out of the Gonzaga players hands, but then right after he committed the stupid charge. Most of the time he looks like he’s just in a daze. On the positive side though Wilmont is establishing himself as a prime time player, which I feel like I’ve been waiting for since his freshman year.

  4. Is it not vividly stated in the regs that the offensive team may attempt to rebound a shot from a teammate? “…DJ gets the ball on the baseline, he fiddles, he diddles, backs in turns and…and…shoots…” Not one Hoosier in the picture. They apparently are surveying a new interstate cloverleaf on the court.
    The Hoosiers are a significantly more talented team and should win by 12. Let’s hope so. C’Mon Hoosiers!

  5. As we look at a timeout here with 11:22, the next few minutes are going to be critical. Indiana looked to be pulling away as it grabbed its first 10 point lead at 45-35, but Gonzaga scored four quick points on fast breaks and is on the line with a chance for two more. Indiana needs to take the momentum back here if the Hoosiers are to avoid a game that’s decided by big plays at the end.

  6. We won! It wasn’t real pretty, but at the same time, easier
    appearing than I thought it would be.
    Now we’ve got UCLA. Hmmmmmmm.
    Good luck, guys, and congratulations!
    Let’s make a great impression against UCLA.

  7. Matt,

    Tu es interno muy bueno. Tu necessitas muchas cervezas frias, pero no tienes 21 anos. Porque bebia hoy?

    My Spanish is awful.


  8. Chris or Doug: When IU left the court at halftime of the ‘Zags game, Sampson had his arm draped around Calloway’s should and talking to him like a father. There’s a picture of it in the H-T photo gallery, too. Any idea what they were talking about?

  9. John Boy,

    That’s just Matt’s sense of humor coming out.

    If he had really had any battle with Jose Cuervo, he wouldn’t have been standing by the time the game started.


  10. When I saw Raivio,

    Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
    That’s the question I used to ask
    Until I laid eyes on you.
    How is it possible to feel so much for a
    stranger, a passerby?
    Love has no limits, no color, no time.
    That’s when I realized I had fallen in love –
    Love at first sight when I saw him.

    I love you Raivio and will miss you next year on the Gonzaga team!

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