Got questions for Eric Gordon?

Eric Gordon didn’t have much time to rest after North Central lost in the Indiana State Final. He’s already in Louisville participating in the McDonald’s All-American game and all the stuff that surrounds it (which apparently includes more than just eating Big Macs and McNuggets.)

I’ll be talking with Gordon Tuesday afternoon and I had this crazy thought: maybe I’ll give you guys a chance to ask him the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Through me.

So, send ’em if you got em. I’ll try to squeeze them in and get back to you.


  1. eric do you feel you are better than oj mayo or derrick rose and also what do you think you could improve on in your game

  2. EJ, do you talk with current players on IU’s team? Do you think DJ is going pro? Finally, do you talk to IU commits in next year’s class like Jamarcus Ellis? How do you think you’ll perform as a class?

  3. If Calipari or Gillispie takes the UK job….can you hit the recruiting trail and reel in D.Rose or Deandre Jordan.

    If not, no worries, I’m more than happy with the recruiting class that is on the way.

  4. Eric,
    What team are most looking forward to playing next year? And what number will you try to be at IU?

  5. Eric, here is a tough question. How many years do you think you will stay in college before going pro?

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