I believe in you . . .

and not in Joe Lunardi. Seems like a cool dude and everything but I’m sticking with you guys.

So, tell me:

— Indiana’s seed

— Its opponent in the first round

— Where it will play

— Anything else you might happen to know and feel like sharing with me. (Stock tips, the future, where I might find a good woman, etc.)


  1. Indiana will be a 7 seed (although they probably deserve a 9 or 10)

    They will play Air Force out west, with a date with Gtown should they win.

    Buy stock in Huggies diapers…I wear them all the time and have never had any problems. A safe bet…go for it.

  2. Big ROB here. I think the Hoosiers should be #1 seed in New Orleans so that I can go watch my old team play. I’m still a BIG, and I mean BIG hoosier fan.

    The opponent in the first round will be a date with Holy Cross which I expect my hoosiers to win.

    Just to let you know at times I feel torn between my decision to leave Indiana and come to UAB (were on the rise baby), but I came to Indiana to play for Mike Davis, period. Just to let you know, I came to UAB to play for Mike Davis, period.

    Well, peace out. Win the big one hoosiers.

    Sincerly the one and only sharpshooter,

    Big ROB Vaden

  3. Big ROB, I think UAB will be solid next year despite the rough year they had this year. They have a solid player in Delaney, and they are adding almost an entire team’s worth of players. Yourself, Walter Sharpe, Channing Toney, Kennan Ellis, and the rest of the recruiting class. I see big things next year down there. Hopefully IU and UAB can play late in the tourney next year.

  4. I can’t believe you haven’t been swamped with women clamoring to answer your personal ad there, Chris. Where are the ladies on the Hoosier Scoop, and why didn’t they chime in with their predictions to curry favor?
    He doesn’t smell, I swear.

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