Indiana-Gonzaga to tip-off at 9:55 p.m.

I’ve seen the expected start time for Indiana’s NCAA tournament game Thursday released tonight as being either 9:55 or 10 p.m. Bloomington time.

That’s not great news for fans who like to go to bed early or for reporters who are typically supposed to have their stories turned in before this game will even end so that everybody back in our office can finish up their jobs in getting the paper put together and printed in the early morning hours.


  1. Hey, I just want to point out that down below, I correctly predicted two things: IU would receive a 7 seed, and that they would go out west.

    I was incorrect on their opponent, however.

    Oh well, I will say that our guys are ready to play, and we are probably going to upset VirginiaTech in round 1, then lose to the Salukis.

  2. Have you guys reviewed everyone’s predictions for the season from back on November 12th? Just thought I’d point out I correctly guessed a 10-6 conference record and a 7 seed out West. Let me know if there is a prize. Thank you……

  3. Chris, why are you complaining about the time? It´s perfect! After I get done with a day on the beach in Cozumel, I can walk across the street from my hotel the the local sports bar and watch the game.

    Stop throwing things at me…What?

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